Did you know that in school Haitian kids learn how to write French and Creole? And at home they learn to speak French. Now I’m going to tell you some of the words they learn in Creole and French.

Hello is bonjour in French and bonjou in Creole.

Please in French is s’il vous plait and in Creole it’s souple.

Thank you in French is merci and in Creole it is mesi.

Last but not least, goodbye in French is au revoir and Creole it is N’ A WÈ.

When Haitians don’t have any food they eat mud pies! Now isn’t that sad? Mud pies are made with dirt water and salt.

Haitians love to eat fruit like mangoes, plantains, papayas, grapefruits, and cherries.

Haiti has an elected president. Sometimes they have had a dictator who would tell the citizens what to do. If they did not follow the dictator’s commands, he would threaten them, put them in jail, or they could leave the country. Only one dictator ruled the whole country, even if it was different parts of Haiti. Many people from Haiti left because of the dictators.

This dictator was not a very good dictator. His name was François Duvalier, but he was called Papa Doc.

For a country that is only 10,741 square miles, it is very crowded. In fact its total population is 9,035,536.

The cities are polluted and the houses are made out of metal and wood. The country's houses are made out of sticks, branches, mud, and straw. The mansions in the country are owned by wealthy people. Most of the Haitians are poor.