Digital and blended learning is about to get an upgrade...

The Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) allows schools to build the digital learning environment that meets the unique challenges faced by their institution. Canvas simplifies teaching, elevates learning, and eliminates the headaches of supporting and growing traditional learning technologies.

Canvas is made up of a powerful set of highly integrated learning products that allow institutions to get all of the functionality they need and none that they don’t. This is a complex platform that has the power to increase workflow efficiency and enrich online interaction with students.

The Canvas LMS allows for a more personalized learning path for students and creates a more seamless workflow experience for both teachers and students through modules. Canvas allows intuitive ways to provide consistent modules for student learning, organized with comprehensive features such as activities, assessments, and collaboration. In Canvas, many third-party apps such as YouTube, Flipgrid, Padlet, and Quizlet are already integrated providing greater ease for students. Canvas also offers feedback tools that can enhance the formative and summative assessment process (SpeedGrader and Peer Reviews). Students can participate in conference and discussion groups directly through their Canvas classroom, not needing to use other programs. Students are added to Canvas classrooms through Synergy. Canvas also allows for fully developed courses to be exported to teachers, then allowing personalization so the teacher has full control of the classroom.

Google Classroom has provided students and teachers with a taste of online learning. Canvas takes that experience to the next level and prepares students for post-secondary education. Google Classroom very easily integrates the Google Drive, but is essentially limited to that experience. Of the many things that Canvas is able to do, it also integrates with Google Drive providing the same experience in that sense as Google Classroom. On a teacher homepage in Canvas, a link to Google Classroom can be added.

Zoom Meetings Integrates with Canvas!

Click here to learn more about the versatile Zoom Meetings app and how it works with Canvas LMS!

An Introduction to Canvas

Site - Getting Started with Canvas Part 1

Getting Started with Canvas

In this slide deck, you'll learn how to access our district portal for Canvas, how to use the Global Navigation menu, how to complete an initial setup and how to log out securely.

This process is similar for teachers, students, and parent observers. However, students and parents should view the setup information page for more detailed guidance.

The Big One...

This video contains a complete overview of the basics for getting started in Canvas. It is identical to our training sessions, just minus the extra participants. It's 48 minutes long! You can watch it in part, in whole, come back and review it, or you can continue scrolling to our individual lessons. The lessons below cover the same steps as in this video, some go into more detail, and some explore topics not touched on in the video.

Explore at your pace and enjoy!

Overview of Canvas for a Teacher

Ready to learn more about the Canvas? Use the tutorial links below or select this button ----->

Below are links to tutorials of closely related parts of Canvas, they are designed to go in order.

Learning a new LMS requires a great deal of effort, so we've broken it down into its essential parts - there's a lot more to learn, but this is what a teacher needs to get started comfortably. It is also important to note that there are a great many resources out there for this product to assist in learning how to use it. There are courses designed by Canvas itself, lessons from the Kern County Superintendent of Schools, and tutorials designed by our very own experienced staff. Using the links below will provide content specific to each section as well as links to other outside sources. Please be aware that some of the outside sources may highlight features not available on our version of Canvas. Please enjoy these lessons and good luck!