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School Counselors are a helping friend to anyone in need!
I help our students navigate challenges they face in the classroom, with friends, at home...anywhere! I do this through social-emotional lessons and resources, group counseling, one-on-one counseling, and collaboration with parents and educators.

It is my job to make sure all students feel supported, safe and heard.


This is where you will find Copper Hill's Counselor Corner lessons for the 2020/21 School Year!

You will see daily lessons in my Bitmoji Classroom (slide 3, or click the kitten) or you can find them in text only below the slides.

Mrs. Moeri's Zen Den

Friday, September 25

Fun Friday!

With all that we have learned about growing our brains this week, and speaking kindly to ourselves, I hope that you are feeling very CONFIDENT!

Let's celebrate this week with some yoga!

  • Try the Brain Break yoga video! This is all about feeling confident! Put your computer away from you, but where you can hear it and see it if you need to. Then, follow along!

  • Think about the affirmation you liked the best. Keep it in mind to keep that confidence up! Write down, or draw the feeling your positive affirmation gives you!

  • If you have a printer, you can also color on of the Growth Mindset coloring pages!

  • Hang it up somewhere in your learning space, so you will see it and remember to always have a Growth Mindset!


Earlier this Week...

Thursday, September 24


Growth Mindset and Mindfulness are super related, because sometimes we can stop and notice the way that we think about ourselves, and the ways that we talk to our brain. Mindfulness is all about what you notice!

Swap It Out! Take a look at these phrases that you may have said to yourself. Think of the phrase that you can swap in its place, to have a Growth Mindset!

Take a Breath! Now, let's practice a breathing exercise. When these negative thoughts come into our mind, we can stop, take a breath, and be mindful. We control how we think! Try out Mind Yeti Slow Breathing.

Wednesday, September 23

The Power of "Yet"

Today we will be talking about what to do if we aren't good at something right away. What steps can we take to reach our goals?

  • Pick a positive statement to help with your Growth Mindset!

  • Then, make a plan! Think about something you can't do YET. Then, on the "My Power of Yet" picture below, think of the steps you will need to take to get to your goal! No printer, no problem! Just draw a ladder of the steps you will do, with your goal up top, based on the drawing below! You can write the words, or draw pictures!

  • Dance it out! How about another dance break? Take a listen to "Don't Give Up" with Bruno Mars!

Copy of power of yet

Tuesday, September 22

Read Aloud

Today, we are going to learn more about Growth Mindset, and being patient with ourselves as we learn something new. Video instructions here.

  • Watch this read aloud of The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds.

  • Reflect on the story. Ask yourself these questions as you reflect:

    • Why was Vashti's paper empty? How was Vashti feeling?

    • How did Vashti feel when she saw her painting framed?

    • Have you ever felt like Vashti?

Email me if you have questions or want to share your answers with me!

Monday, September 21

Growth Mindset

Good Morning Cougars!

Click here for my Monday Message and instructions read to you!

This week, we will be learning about Growth Mindset, and how the way that you talk to yourself, and your BRAIN, can help you learn!

  • First, watch Dr. Nagler's Laboratory - the science is interesting! But I want you to focus on the ways that you can talk to your brain to develop a Growth Mindset.

  • Then, listen (and dance if you want!) to the song "The Power of Yet" - think about some of the examples they give of mistakes the characters are making.

  • Reflection: Is there something that you tried, that you weren't good at the first time? Were you good at riding a bike the first time, or doing math? Think about all of the things you have learned!