Year 6

Launch Day Spring 1 2019

‘We are not doing enough to protect the planet from human harm.’ was the statement that met the children as they walked into the classroom. Playing the game, ‘Where do you stand?’ they considered their opinions and were asked to justify their thoughts.

We then discussed what climate change is and the different global causes of climate change. Children thought about the impact that we are all having on the planet. We examined different images and watched clips from different sources to broaden and develop their understanding of this very complicated issue.

Using what we had discussed, the children then debated the motion: ‘This house believes it’s the government’s job to tackle climate change.’ We thought about the different opinions of world leaders and learn about the ‘Paris Agreement’, which is a commitment to ensure global temperatures don’t rise more than two degrees Celsius.

In the afternoon, we discussed what we can do every day at school and at home to help tackle climate change. The children created posters with thought- provoking images and tips on what practical steps we can take to tackle climate change.