Launch Day 20-02-2023

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Spring 2 2023

Launch Day 05-01-2023

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Spring 1 2023

Launch Day 31-10-2022

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Autumn 2 2022

Autumn 1 2022

Summer 2 2022

Launch Day Summer 1: Marvellous Minibeast 

The children started the day by sharing some of their homework projects. They presented their minibeast fact files to their friends, and explained what they’d learnt. 

Different volunteers also chose to show their minibeast costume to the rest of the class. They stated which minibeast they had chosen to be, and explained how they’d made it. 

In the afternoon, the children engaged in a knowledge harvest about all the things we already know about the topic, ahead of thinking about what they’d like to learn about during the topic. 

Summer 1 2022

Spring 2 2022

Spring 1 2022

Launch Day Autumn 2: Dinosaur

The children came to school dressed in dinosaur inspired outfits! They then presented their dinosaur projects to the class, where they talked about the information they had researched over the half term. 

The children were keen to explore the Dino Cave role play area where they excavated different dinosaur bones & went on a hunt for eggs! We enjoyed creating our own dinosaur artwork using a variety of materials and we even created our own dinosaur small world!

Autumn 2 2021

Autumn 1 2021