Launch Day Spring 1 2019

Reception launched into their space topic with a busy day filled with lots of fun activities!

We started the day by exploring the different models made by the children over the Christmas Holidays. They were keen to share ideas around how they created their models and the different media they had used. We then went into a fantastic space workshop with our visitors Robbie the robot and Annie the astronaut, who taught us lots of information about space and the different planets in our solar system, through various interactive activities.

Back in the classroom, the children worked in teams to design and construct their own spacecrafts. The children were able to listen to each other and share ideas around how to build their spaceship and the different elements they would need. The children were able to use key vocabulary they had learnt in our workshop to identify and describe different planets they would see in their journey to outer space.

In the afternoon the children engaged in a space quiz, they worked hard to remember different information they had learnt throughout the day.

The children had a messy and creative end to the day as they used junk modelling to create space rockets, space robots, planets and aliens!