Year 5

Autumn 2 2022

Autumn 1 2022

Summer 2 2022

Summer 1 2022

Launch Day Spring 1: Ancient Egypt

The children started the day by sharing some of their homework projects.

Then, the children learned about the highlights of the Ancient Egyptian civilization and created a time-line of the 3,000 year period it covered, including pyramids, mummification and conquests. As a group activity, they created parallel time-lines with the ancient civilizations they have previously studied: Ancient Sumer, Indus Valley and Shang Dynasty.

Following this, the children studied ancient Egyptian tombs and recreated them using Egyptian replica artefacts.

Then, they explored Ancient Egyptian Gods and created a drawing of an Egyptian god or goddess in the style of real Egyptian tomb-wall artwork.

In the afternoon, the children will study Egyptian hieroglyphics to write secret messages and the Ancient Egyptian number system to solve maths quizzes.

Spring 2 2022

Launch Day Spring 1: Ancient Civilisations

For the launch day in Year 5, the children were introduced to the ancient civilisations of the Shang Dynasty, the Indus Valley and Ancient Sumer (Mesopotamia), found their present day locations on Google Maps and made a parallel time-line to discover how the civilizations overlapped and when important events occurred in the different locations. Then, the children made fact files about the most significant changes and inventions, such as the wheel (Ancient Sumer) and the plough (Indus Valley).

In the afternoon, the children compared the different writing systems of these ancient civilisations and created calligraphy art from the Shang Dynasty using Chinese characters and wrote their name in Ancient Sumer cuneiform characters on clay tablets.

Spring 1 2022

Launch Day Autumn 2: Nature's Power

Year 5 learnt about earthquakes, volcanoes and other natural disasters for the launch day of their new topic Nature's Power. they researched what caused earthquakes and how the effect of the Earth's tectonic plates causes them to occur.

After learning facts about earthquakes, the children used cocktail sticks, marshmallows, string, cardboard and other materials to create an earthquake-proof building, and tried out which structures would survive an earthquake.

In the afternoon, Year 5 learnt about volcanoes. They studied where volcanos can be found and what causes them to errupt. Then they experienced a volcanic eruption experiment in the classroom. After learning about volcanoes and earthquakes, Year 5 used the animation app Toontastic to make animations about the impact of a natural disaster based on what they had learnt.

Finally, they made artworks of natural disasters inspired by paintings by the artists JWM Turner, Andy Warhol and Joseph Wright of Derby.

Autumn 2 2021

Launch Day Autumn 1

For their launch day on the topic The Victorians, the children researched facts about the Victorians. They found out key information and dates from the period, understanding what life was like and how if was different. Following their research, the year 5 made a timeline describing key events in the Victorian Period. Then, they studied Victorian architecture in London and compared street scenes then and now. They created their own split screen image of a street in Victorian times and present day. Lastly, the children made their own Victorian peg dolls and played hopscotch in the playground.

Autumn 1 2021