Year 2

Autumn 1 2022

Summer 2 2022

Summer 1 2022

Launch Day Summer 1: Exciting Expeditions!

Who was more significant, Christopher Columbus or Ernest Shakleton?

The children started the day by sharing some of their homework projects. Children discovered what motivated these two men to risk their lives and travel into the unknown. We started by exploring the two different time periods the men were brought up in. They presented their understanding by taking part in an acting and hot seating activity. By putting ourselves into the shoes of these explorers we could think about the responsibility and reasons that led the men to choose to risk their own, and their crews' lives.

Finally we prepared to set out on our own expedition to the local area. For this the children created their travel kit including all important binoculars. Following the pre-set trail, the children set out to discover their own pieces of information that served as clues to discover facts about our focus explorers, Christopher Columbus and Ernest Shakleton.

Spring 2 2022

Launch Day Spring 1: All Aboard

Year 2 children launched into their new topic called ‘All Aboard!’ where they are learning all about different modes of transport and how and why it has changed over time. They began their morning by learning about what transport is and why we need it and shared their ideas about what they already know. Then, they learnt about the development of transport over time and had to sort cards to create a timeline. Their challenge was to explore what changes are made to each mode of transport as they moved up through the timeline. After break, the children learnt about how the boat has been developed over time including historical boats and modern boats and they thought carefully about the adaptations that were made. In their sketch books, they had to sketch a historical boat and a contemporary ship and label the key features. In the afternoon, the children had the opportunity to present their projects to the rest of the class, they were super! Finally, the children learnt about the invention of the wheel and using flat cardboard, they had to plan and make two wheels on an axle

Spring 1 2022

Launch Day Autumn 2: London's Burning

Year 2 were immersed into a day of fun for their launch day 'London's Burning!'

In the morning the children began learning about The Great of London. They learnt some important facts and dates such as when and where the fire started. They also looked at why the fire might have spread quickly and how buildings were very different in the past. In the afternoon the children planned and built their own houses. They then watched them burn as we set them alight in the playground to show how quickly a fire can spread! The children also became bakers and baked their own loaves of bread.

Autumn 2 2021

Launch Day Autumn 1

To launch into our new topic, the children dressed up to represent their culture and brought in their summer projects from home. Children shared their culture with the rest of the class with presentations, flags, pictures, clothes and special things such as rose water all the way from Bulgaria! During the day we travelled around different continents. Some examples include Asia, where we smelt and looked at spices and practiced our Bollywood dancing, for Africa we made a drum circle, each taking turns to set a beat and for North America, we learnt a Native American song 'Land of the silver birch'. We also created flip books for our own 'world' painting a globe, and adding increasingly smaller sheets over to represent our continent, our country, our city and finally our home.

Autumn 1 2021