Year 2

Launch Day Spring 1 2019

Today Year 2 launched their new topic ‘All Aboard’. They were introduced to three significant explorers that they will spend this half term learning more about:

Neil Armstrong, Christopher Columbus and Amelia Earhart.

They were given a range of fun facts to sort and decide which belonged to each explorer.

In the morning the children began the quest for three significant explorers: Christopher Columbus, Neil Armstrong and Amelia Earhart. The children explored the life and times of these intrepid explorers, looking into similarities they shared and the events of their journeys and discoveries. Children tackled puzzles and activities and showed their knowledge and enthusiasm for the topic in order to graduate as explorers themselves.

The children then looked at the essential tools and equipment of an explorer, before creating their own compass! In the afternoon, the children will created a vehicle for their exploration mission as well as any other equipment they may need in their explorers kit. Year created an array of jet packs, rockets, aeroplanes, binoculars, telescopes and boats!