Year 3

Autumn 2 2022

Autumn 1 2022

Summer 2 2022

Summer 1 2022

Launch Day Summer 1: Anglo-Saxon

Year 3 kicked off our Anglo Saxon launch day by sharing some fantastic homework pieces: timelines, helmets, swords, shields, information posters and sculptures to name a few. After a short quiz to launch our learning off, we learned about the timeline of events during the Anglo Saxon period, putting them in order and discussing what happened. Year 3 then transformed into archaeologists, examining some fascinating artefacts such as the Sutton Hoo treasure, a famous Anglo Saxon helmet, amulets, jewellery, cooking utensils and tools used in daily life. We discussed what was special about them before creating a fact file and online information poster to show our learning.

In the afternoon, year 3 finished the day off by creating our own Anglo Saxon jewellery using art materials, thinking carefully about the designs, materials and shapes used at that time.

Spring 2 2022

Launch Day Spring 1: The Romans

Today, children took a step back in time and learnt about the Roman occupation of Britain. To begin with , we created a timeline showing key events during the time period. Secondly, we drew similarities and differences between Britain in the Iron Age and Britain during the Roman occupation.

Next, we became familiar with Roman numerals and created puzzles using them. We also learnt about Roman artefacts found in Britain and what they tell us about the daily life during this time. Finally, we created mosaic designs which were inspired by flooring in Roman villas.

Spring 1 2022

Launch Day Autumn 2: Welcome to London!

Year 3 started off their day by sharing homework projects during ‘show and tell’. After that, we looked at key events that shaped London’s geography and influenced the changes that London has gone through. We created a timeline of them and looked and maps to see how different London looked in each period.

In the afternoon we looked at London's geography today. We researched London’s main landmarks using Google Maps and created posters of what we discovered. To finish the day off, year 3 created London’s skyline, coming up with some fantastic observational artwork.

Autumn 2 2021

Launch Day Autumn 1

Year 3 kicked off the school year with some fantastic work all about The Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We explored the different periods and looked at what life was like back then. We learnt about some of the differences between each period, such as what weapons were used or what food was eaten.

In the afternoon, we created Stone Age timelines, wrote stories in the character of a Stone Age child and finished the day off with some of our own cave art pieces. A tremendous effort from everyone who had returned to school, it was a pleasure to see each individual’s determination to succeed in every task. It was a challenge, but one that was willingly undertaken and completed to a high standard.

Autumn 1 2021