Year 3

Spring 2 2020

Spring 1 2020

Autumn 2 2019

Autumn 1 2019

Summer 1 2019

Launch Day

Year 3 spent the day learning lots of information about the Anglo Saxons. They began by sharing their projects which they had completed over the Easter break. These varied from fantastic pieces of art to time lines and fact files.

They then had an introduction to the topic and completed a map to show where and who invaded Britain. They also had to answer a series of questions and complete a venn diagram about the Anglo Saxons and Britons.

They discussed chronology and found out the difference between BC and BCE. They used their knowledge of this to create a timeline of events ending with the battle of Hastings.

After play they spent some time acting out various scenes based on how the Anglos came to Britain. They later found out more about them as warriors and drew portraits in their sketchbooks.

After lunch they talked about what the Anglos brought to Britain, including a new language. At the time most people were speaking Latin. The Anglos introduced ‘Old English’. They spent time looking at maps to find where in England still carries Anglo Saxon names.

They ended the day by researching Alfred the Great, the Bayeux Tapestry and finding out what happened to the Anglo Saxons. They learnt so many facts during their launch day and are looking forward to finding out more.

Spring 2 2019

Launch Day

This half term year 3 will be learning all about the Arctic and Antarctic circles. They began their topic by sharing their fantastic projects that they completed over half term. Many looked at explorers, while others created magnificent pieces of art.

During the morning they discussed similarities and differences between the two poles and discussed the different features, including the wildlife that inhabits both poles.

They then went on to explore temperature and spent some time looking at how this can vary and why.

During the afternoon they got creative by making igloos using sugar cubes and PVA glue- it was a very sticky task!

They later watched a clip of the intrepid explorer, Ray Meyers, and discussed his expeditions.

The children were really engaged throughout the day and are looking forward to the rest of the topic.

Spring 1 2019

Launch Day

Today year 3 got to experience what life was like during the Roman empire. They learnt all about Roman engineering, entertainment and how they conqured europe.

They looked at images of a traditional street during Roman times and thought about what they might hear, see, smell or feel. They also spent some time sharing their fantastic projects that they completed over the winter break.

As innovative as the Romans were, year 3 also found out some information that they found shocking. They learnt of how wealthy Romans kept slaves and would use them to participate in barbaric events, just for their entertainment. They spent a lot of time discussing what this made them think and feel.

They found out all about the Roman baths and even learnt a song. They finished off their day by designing and creating Roman shields and mosaics which you can see displayed around their classrooms.