Year 4

Spring 2 2020

Spring 1 2020

Autumn 2 2019

Autumn 1 2019

Summer 1 2019

Launch Day

First, the pupils of Year 4 were introduced to the new unit of the Amazon Rainforest through documentary films, visuals and sound files.

The children researched the habitat of some rainforest animals and created a rainforest – explorer world map to locate rainforests of the world.

Next, the children listened closely to sound files to generate ideas about how to recreate the sounds of Amazon rainforest using voice, body movement and instruments in a multi-sensory performance.

Later, they researched rainforest animals to create fact files about them, and finally, created their own artwork of their chosen rainforest animal using hand print and collage techniques

Spring 2 2019

Launch Day

First, the children located Greece on the map and Ancient Greece on a time-line, before exploring replicas of Ancient Greek artefacts.

Following this, the children studied the ideas of Ancient Greek philosophers, such as Hippocrates and Plato, to debate which ones were most relevant to us today.

Then, the children were introduced to Ancient Greek myth and performed a play based on a myth in groups.

Lastly, the children made a traditional Greek Minoan seal stamp out of clay with a pattern for their Trinity house.

Spring 1 2019

Launch Day

First, the children shared their homework posters, brochures and recipes with food from around the world. They also had an opportunity to taste international food that children had brought from home, with examples from Poland, Hungary, Somalia etc. We placed the countries of origin on a world map and explored some ingredients that had been brought in such as ginger and cassava roots.

Then, the children made their own fruit bread by mixing the ingredients, watching the changes when the dough rise and oven-baking the bread, to create a balanced snack that they could enjoy with jam.

Also, they designed their own restaurant names, menus and promotional posters to advertise food of their choice.