Year 1

Summer 2 2021

Summer 1 2021

Spring 2 2021

Spring 1 2021

Launch Day

Today Year 1 launched into their new topic ‘Message in a Bottle’. The children began their day by entering a classroom that was wrecked by pesky pirates! There was an area with sand, gold coins and a secret message in a bottle lying beside it, the message was the first clue to hidden treasure! They were then given their very own pirate names based on the first letter of their name and they worked in teams to hunt down the clues that were placed all around the school that eventually lead them to the hidden treasure.

The children then had the chance to show their creative homework projects to the rest of their class which led to a great discussion about pirates and what life would have been like as a pirate. They then had the chance to make their own pirate costumes and pirate hats that were displayed around the classroom. In the afternoon the children learnt all about the life of Captain Blackbeard, who was a very mean pirate! The children then created their own fact file about Captain Blackbeard and their own treasure map to where they would hide treasure if they could.

Spring 2 2019

Launch Day

Year One launched into their topic this week, which is all about Space, with a fantastic day full of lots of fun activities.

Children began their day by discussing Space and all the cool facts that they already know! They then shared their wonderful homework projects with their class. The Space projects were out of this World!

The children then watched video clips and looked at books all about Space and were asked to create their very own Space story. They were able to create their own characters and to imagine that they were travelling into Space. We then read our stories to class and shared ideas.

During the afternoon, the children designed their very own astronaut costumes and could use a variety of materials to bring their astronaut creation to life! Following this, they then had to plan and then draw their own alien.

The children then learnt to train as an astronaut—including how to moon walk, how to improve their agility and coordination.

Launch Day

Year One launched into their topic this week with a fantastic day full of lots of fun activities. Students entered dark classrooms with lovely rainforests sounds to begin their day.

Throughout the day, children worked through four rainforest challenges in teams. First they had to investigate the Amazon Rainforest and learn as many facts as they could. They then chose animals to imitate all day. After that they participated in some animal movement activities. The children enjoyed some rainforest themed cosmic kids yoga and some rainforest dancing. To finish the day the children participated in the annual Bush Tucker Challenge where they had to eat dried ants, snake eggs and bat wings.

During the day the children also completed many fun craft activities. They made scary lions, exotic parrots and slithering snakes!