Year 1

Autumn 1 2022

Summer 2 2022

Summer 1 2022

Launch Day Summer 1: Marvellous Mappers

During the morning session, the children shared their fantastic geography projects that they created during the Easter holidays.

The children used Google Maps and Google Earth to find the location of the United Kingdom, as well as the world’s continents and oceans.

Finally, the children created their own compasses which they used to describe where the United Kingdom is located.

Spring 2 2022

Launch Day Spring 1: Space Travel

For their launch topic this term, Year 1 became astronauts! In the morning, they entered the dark, starry classroom and began their mesmerising mission to the moon. After receiving a very special message from Bill Nelson at NASA, they investigated the history of space travel. Through this, they created a timeline of significant events and discussed which mission they thought was most important. Before, the children shared their wonderful projects and learning with the class. In the afternoon, the children completed their second mission; to design and build a rocket for NASA’s next space programme. What a blast it was!

Spring 1 2022

Launch Day Autumn 2: Blast from the Past

Year's 1's launch day really was a 'Blast from the past.' The children spent the day exploring toys from the past and present and discovering how toys have changed over time. Our day began with a wonderful story “The Old Toy Room” to spark the children's curiosity and imagination! Then it was time for the children to share their favourite toys and costumes! Next, we got busy sorting old and new toys and talking about how they had changed. We considered why toys in the past looked different to the toys that we have today. Our day ended with the design and manufacturing of our very own puppet toy!

Autumn 2 2021

Launch Day Autumn 1

Today Year 1 launched into their new topic ‘long long ago’. In the morning, preparations for the Royal Tea Party were underway. Children prepared teacups, decorations and send out the invites. We investigated the keys we are studying in the term ahead: Queen Victoria and Queen Nefertiti. We learnt some facts about their lives and began to talk about similarities and differences.

Autumn 1 2021