News and Events


Year 3

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 

21st March 2024 

As part of their Geography topic  this term on ‘What is special about Britain’s landscapes’, the children in Year 3 visited the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on Thursday, 21st March 2024. The children conducted  surveys on pedestrian traffic and explored the river and hills.


Wolves Lane Allotment 

21st March 2024 

As part of their topic this term on ‘Growing’, the children in Reception visited the  Wolves Lane Allotment on Thursday 21st March 2024. They explored the allotment and were able to sow a variety of seeds. 

Year 2

Barbican Centre

19th March 2024 

As part of their music unit this term, the children in Year 2 visited the Barbican Centre to watch the London Symphony Orchestra   concert on Tuesday 19th March 2023. 

Year 2

Woodberry Wetlands

18th March 2024 

As part of their Science topic this term on ‘How and why are living things suited to their habitats?’, the children in year 2 visited Woodberry Wetland Centre on Monday 18th  March 2024. The children enjoyed learning more about ponds habitats through pond dipping. They found many interesting creatures in the pod, like a newt. 

Year 2

St Michael's Church

8th March 2024 

On Friday 8th March, the children in year 2 visited  St Michael's church as part of their Religion and World Views topic on 'Why are some stories special in Christianity'. The children built on their knowledge about Christianity during their visit. They started off with a discussion on what they already knew and father Ian shared the importance of parables to Christians 

Year 1

St Michael's Church

5th March 2024 

On Tuesday 5th March, the children in year 1 went on a special trip to St Michael's church. The children were able to learn more about the creation story that Christians believe in. They were able to ask questions to the priest and learned lots of new information.  

Year 4

 Mudchute Farm 

5th March 2024 

As part of their Geography  topic this term, the children in Year 4 visited Mudchute Farm on Tuesday 5th March 2024 to explore where their food comes from and the journey their food takes to get into our supermarkets . 

Year 2

 Kentish Town City Farm

8th February 2024 

As part of their Science topic this term on ‘Animals, the children in Year 2  visited the Kentish Town City Farm on Thursday 8th February 2024 for a guided tour. The children explored  and learnt about all the different farm animals. 

Year 4

 Museum of London Dockland

26th January 2024 

As part of their History topic “How did Londinium become London?”. Year 4 visited the Museum of London Dockland. They explored City and River, Sailortown and Docklands at War galleries to discover the changes London has been through over the years. They even got to experience what it felt like during an air raid! 

Year 5

  British Museum

25th January 2024 

On Thursday 25th January, Year 5 visited the British Museum, the children visited the Upper floors to look at the Ancient Chinese Exhibition which included many artefacts from the Shang Dynasty including statues and Jade jewellery. Year 5 then went to observe some artefacts from the Indus Valley and Ancient Sumer civilisations. Children went on to compare the artefacts by discussing the similarities and differences between them and how each artefact may be used within the area that each civilisation is from. Some of their answers stated how objects differed depending on the climate of the region, access to the type of food (by either having to either hunt more food or grow more food) and inventions that all civilisations had created; allowing different usage of some of the same materials.

Year 3

 London Central Mosque

25th January 2024 

On Thursday 25th January, Year 3 visited London Central Mosque to help us to answer our overarching question of our Religion and Worldviews unit, ‘Why are some journeys and places special?’.

Firstly, we learnt about the history of the mosque. In 1940 the Secretary of State for the Colonies pointed out to Prime Minister Winston Churchill that the British Empire ruled over more Muslims than Christians and it was absurd to have no central place of worship for them in the capital. Between 1974 and 1977, the mosque was built. 

We visited the main hall during afternoon prayers which can accommodate over 5,000 worshippers, with women praying on a balcony overlooking the hall. The mosque holds a chandelier and a vast carpet.

Then, we visited the education centre to learn more about the Islamic values and beliefs and significant places of worship and pilgrimages that people go on. 

Finally, we were shown a 3D model of the mosque where we learnt about significant rooms and symbols shown around the mosque. 

Year 2

St Paul's Cathedral

1st December 2023

As part of our wonderful topic ‘London’s Burning!’, Year 2 visited the spectacular St. Paul’s Cathedral. The children enjoyed a guided tour of the dome and galleries. The children bravely climbed five hundred and thirty steps up to the Golden Gallery!

Year 4 

London Zoo

24th November 2023

On Friday 24th November, Year 4 visited London Zoo as part of their Geography topic “Why are rainforests such a unique biome?” They explored and discovered different animals found in the Amazon rainforest such as Tamarin monkeys, Komodo dragons and Grey parrots. They were even able to see a sleeping sloth! As well as rainforests, we explored the Arctic biome and enjoyed lunch with the penguins. Year four learnt about the Zoo’s conservation programme to help animals such a tigers, giraffes and lions survive out in the wild. 

Year 5 

London Symphony

21st November 2023

On Tuesday 21st November Year 5 visited the Barbican Centre to watch the London Symphony Orchestra retell the story of Diwali through music. 

The Orchestra retold the story of Prince Rama and Princess Sita including traditional India Instruments featuring orchestral favourites. 

Children participated in singing activities as well as making sounds and contributing to the Orchestra play. 

Year 5 

Nanak Darbar Temple

14th November 2023

Year 5 visited the Nanak Darbar temple in Southgate as part of their Religion and World Views topics this half term. Children explored how Sikhs practise their faiths, explored the 5K's and had the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the Last Guru.

Year 5 

Science Museum

10th November 2023

Year 5 visited the Science Museum in South Kensington as part of their Science unit of work : How do the Earth, Sun and Moon move in relation to each other in our solar system? We arrived at the museum and started to explore the different levels, offering children a wide range of experiences. They discovered the history of medicine and explored the Space Travel exhibition in the first hour. Children then had a ‘Mission to Space’ workshop where they explored the history of our understanding of the solar system. Children recapped their knowledge of the Heliocentric and Geocentric models of the solar system along with the scientists who contributed to the field. 

Year 3 

The National Portrait Gallery

4th October 2023

Today year 3 visited The National Portrait Gallery to explore some wonderful art. First, we ate our lunch next to the famous Trafalgar Square. Then, we explored pieces by talented artists which used a variety of medium. We enjoyed discussing the artistic techniques used, artists’ backgrounds and the messages we felt the art represented. Then, we tried sketching our own art inspired by the wonderful pieces in the gallery. We all had a wonderful time and would love to visit again!

Year 2 

Alexandra Palace

3rd October 2023

Today, Year 2 followed their maps and explored our local community. We walked past the recycling centre,, Wood Green Tube station, Alexandra train station and local shops such as Morrisons and Sainsburys. Then we walked along the trail in Alexandra palace and had lunch in the sunshine. We took a scenic walk back to school and walked through a woodland. We had lots of fun exploring the local area, spending time in nature and identifying the human and physical features! 

Year 1 

Tower of London

2nd October 2023

Year 1 have been learning about Queen Elizabeth II. To compliment our learning we visited the Tower of London! We explored the grounds of the historic building, spotting archers and metal animals. We were amazed by the glittering crown jewels and the grand stone tower and walls. We saw beefeaters dressed in their red uniforms and funny hats marching. The children also enjoyed exploring the White Tower, especially the armour and canons.   

Year 6 

Coutauld Gallery

14th September 2023

On Thursday 14th September, Year 6E went on a trip to the Courtauld Gallery where they had a workshop on portraiture and identity to support their art unit this term. They explored different paintings from the 14th century up to the 19th century and had time to practise their sketching before developing their watercolour skills. 

Year 5 

Ragged School Museum

12th September 2023

On Tuesday 12th September, Year 5 visited the Ragged School Museum in Mile End as part of their History unit of work. Children were separated into two classes; each class experiencing a lesson in a Victorian classroom and the other exploring a Victorian Home. 

Children saw a replica of a Vicotiran home and had to find clues to understand the lives of Victorian people. They saw the living room of a Victorian family and looked at some photographs. Children then used Victorian objects and materials to wash clothes and took part in a role play activity. 

Year 2 

Alexandra Palace

27th June 2023

On Tuesday 27th June, Year 2 went on a school trip to see an orchestra play in Alexandra Palace Theatre! The orchestra performed two different stories; Sooki & the Kozziwimbeh and Peter & the Wolf.  It was wonderful to see the conductor and many of the different instruments that we have been learning about this year. Then, we found a picnic spot in Ally Pally, played some games and walked back to school.  

Year 1 

Kew Gardens

26th June 2023

On Monday 26th June, Year 1 went on a trip to Kew Gardens for their science topics related to plants and seasons. They explored two huge greehouses called Temperate House and Palm House. Here, they saw different species of plants found in each climate zone.  They had an incredible time!

Year 5 

Barbican Centre

16th June 2023

On Friday 16th June, Year 5 were invited to the Barbican Centre to watch the classical music performance ‘The Story of the Orchestra’ performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Year 6 

Ben Kinsella Trust

7th June 2023

On Wednesday 7th June, Year 6 visited the Ben Kinsella Trust in Islington to learn about the horrific consequences of knife crime. As part of their tour, they learned about the life of Ben, the tragedy of his murder when he was only 16 years old and the impact that this had on those close to him and to the British public as a whole. The children were incredibly respectful and reflective as they walked around the exhibition, and were particularly moved by a recording of Ben's family describing what it had been like that night and how it had changed their lives. 

Year 6 

The British Museum

5th June 2023

As part of  their Humanities topic on Early Islamic Civilisations. Year 6 went on an exploratory trip to the British Museum to look round the Albukhary Foundation of the Islamic World. The gallery comprised a broad and diverse spectrum of the material culture produced from the seventh century to the present day in the Islamic world.

As part of their learning, the children were taught about the origins of Early Islam, its spread throughout the Arabian peninsula and then the rise of the caliphates and the rapid expansion of the Islamic Empire. As the centre of power shifted in the Middle East, so too did the capital, leading to the rise and establishment of the city of Baghdad.

Year 3 

Barbican Centre

18th May 2023

Year 3 were fortunate enough to attend the London symphony Orchestra performance at the Barbican centre. During their music lessons they explored the story of Stan and Mable's race to space. Then at the orchestra, they had the opportunity to join in with the concert. The children saw a range of orchestral instruments and were able to experience the instruments live!  

Year 3 


16th May 2023

As part of Religion and world views, Year 3 has been learning about Hinduism. They travelled to a Temple in central London , where they got to experience first hand how Hindus worship and they learnt about the important figures and rituals within the religion 

Year 5 

British Museum

5th May 2023

On Friday 5th May 2023 year 5 visited the British Museum as part of their History unit of work. Children started the day by travelling to Russell Square to visit the British Museum. Children visited the Upper floor to look at the Ancient Egypt artefacts and explore life and death for the ancient Egyptians. Children travelled through rooms 61 - 65 and completed tasks based on the evidence they could find in the museum. Children learnt about how animal mummies were given as gifts to the gods and goddesses by the worshippers that visited the temples. On the ground floor, children saw ancient Egyptian sculptures of the Gods and Goddesses. 

Year 4 

Natural History Museum

24th March 2023

On Friday 24th March 2023, Year 4 pupils visited the Natural History Museum to explore their Science topic, “How do animals and plants adapt when their environment changes?” The children discovered animal species that are extinct, endangered and vulnerable. They saw and were able to identify many fossils, skeletal structures and models of various animals, extinct and alive. ​The children also had a talk from Climate Activist, Mitzi Jonelle Tan, who shared her passion for wanting to help the planet. 

Year 5

Bibliobuzz- Alexandra Palace 

24th March 2023

On Friday 24th March 2023, 15 of our year 5 pupils attended the Bibliobizz event at Alexandra Palace after reading the 6 shortlisted books. The children enjoyed a workshop with S.F. Said, author of Varjak Paw and his new brilliant book Tyger. His journey to becoming an author was absolutely fascinating to listen to and the children learned so much about the importance of drafting when creating an excellent story. The children then had the opportunity to meet and get their books signed by all 6 shortlisted authors and watch M.G.Leonard, author of Twitch win the Bibliobuzz award.

Year 2

Woodberry Wetlands

22nd March 2023

Today Year 2 visited the Woodberry Wetlands Centre.  We explored different types of habitats and searched for the animals that live there.  The children had to identify the different things a living thing needs to survive. We visited 3 different habitats: a wildflower meadow, a forest and a pond. We searched under logs and rocks to look for mini-beasts and we found many different animals such as woodlice, millipedes, worms, slugs, spiders and ants. We also did pond dipping and looked for animals in this different environment. Here we found water snails,  hog-louses, diving beetles, spiders and glass worms.   


Wolves Lane Allotment

7th and 10th March 2023

As part of their topic this term on ‘Growing’, the children in Sparrow  and Robin will be going to the Wolves Lane Allotment on Tuesday 7th  and 10th March 2023.

Year 6 

Alexandra Palace

20th February

As part of their history topic on ‘ WW2, the children in Year 6 will be going to Alexandra Palace to look at the impact of WW2 on Monday, 20th February 2023.


Year 2 

Muswell Hill Synagogue

2nd February 2023

As part of their RE topic this term on ‘Judaism’, the children in Year 2 will be visiting Muswell Hill Synagogue on Thursday, 2nd February. The children will be learning about Bar mitzvahs, how our laws come from the Torah and how they teach Jewish people to lead a good life. 


Science/Careers week - Monday 11th March 2024

Thank you to all of the parents who came along to our science breakfast - we hope you and your children had fun

participating in the different science activities.

Thank you also to all of the wonderful parents who came to speak to our children about their career - thank you

for giving your time to inspire our children and answer their many questions!

World Book Day - Thursday 7th March 2024

World Book Day was so much fun! Thank you to all of the parents who came along to our reading breakfast and

storytime in class. It was wonderful to spend a day enjoying and talking about books.

KS2 enjoyed a fantastic presentation from bestselling author, Lucy Strange, and some of our pupils had the

opportunity to enjoy a writing workshop with her. In the afternoon, it was wonderful to see our KS2 pupils

buddied up with our younger pupils and sharing stories with them.

Children in Need - Friday 17th November 2023

We had a fantastic time raising money for Children in Need on Friday. We dressed up, took part in  Moodboosters Live and participated in a sponsored activity. Thank you to everyone who sponsored us - we  raised £615 

Anti-bullying week Monday 13th November 2023

we kicked off Anti-Bullying Week with Odd Socks Day to celebrate our individuality!

Years 3 to 6 participated in the BBC’s live lesson which was hosted by Katie Thistleton and Talisha ‘Tee Cee’

Johnson and helped children understand what bullying is and empowered them to speak out about bullying. The children planned and conducted a fantastic debate where the motion, ‘Should  banter be banned?' was discussed. The children had fantastic points during their for and against arguments,  showed fantastic confidence and respected each others' views in a mature way. 

We are now a United Against Bullying School and achieved a Bronze award from the Anti-Bullying Alliance!

Red Nose  Day - Friday 17th March 2023

On Friday 17th March, we dressed up for joy to raise money for Red Nose Day. Thank you to everyone for supporting Red Nose Day - we raised £370 for Comic Relief!

World Book Day - Thursday 2nd March 2023

We are so excited about our favourite day of the year! 

We would love all children to come to school dressed as a character from a book. Prizes are up for grabs for the best handmade costumes! 

We have lots planned for this exciting day:

The day will kick off with a reading breakfast at 8am. All families are invited to enjoy breakfast and a good book, discover new authors and buy some new books.

Parents are invited to class from 8.45am to enjoy a storytime with their child led by the class teacher.

Each class will enjoy activities throughout the day based on a focus author.

The children will participate in the World Book Day Live Lesson where they will learn about this year’s £1 book authors and illustrators.

We will be having a special assembly involving a costume parade and competition.

In the afternoon we will be having time to Drop Everything and Read!

The day will end with a Follow Your Favourite Storytime where staff will be choosing a favourite book to read for storytime and our children can choose where they would like to go!

Children in Need 

We had a fantastic time raising money for Children in Need on Friday. We dressed up, had our faces painted, took part in Moodboosters Live and participated in a sponsored activity. Thank you to everyone who sponsored us - we raised £818!

Anti-Bullying Week 

This year's theme is Reach Out to stop Bullying! This theme has been created to empower children to do something positive to counter the harm and hurt that bullying causes. At Trinity, we want Anti-Bullying Week to remind everyone whether it’s in school, at home, in the community or online, let’s reach out and show each other the support we need.

Black History Month

This week we have lots of special events to mark the end of our Black History Month celebration. On Wednesday our pupils will enjoy a performance from Black history storytellers and a djembe band. On Friday, we will be receiving a visit from poet Samantha Rodgers who will be sharing her poetry with us. 

National Poetry Day

It was wonderful to have so many parents join us in class for National Poetry Day! Thank you to all of the parents who attended 

Reading for Pleasure Day

Thank you for your support and participation on our Reading for Pleasure Day! It was wonderful to see so many families get involved in the activities and enjoy great books with their children. We hope that you enjoyed the sessions and walked away with knowledge of new authors and books. 

Red Nose Day

On Friday, our children and staff dressed up in red and as superheroes and raised £1048! We are delighted to have exceeded our target of £500. A huge thank you for your contributions! The money raised will go towards charities helping to tackle poverty, take action against violence and bring an end to discrimination in the UK and across the world.

Careers Week 

 What a success careers week has been! The children have heard talks from a Royal Navy captain who represents the Queen in Haringey, an archaeologist who advises on heritage sites across the country,  a web designer who started coding as a child due to her love of solving puzzles, and our very own Jon Roberts (parent) who gave the children an incredibly stunning and thorough insight into life working at ITN, including a personalised ‘Hello Trinity!’ from ITV presenter Nina Hussein.

International Women's Day

Our pupils enjoyed an inspirational talk from our guest speaker, Sara Black, on International Women’s Day. Sara has run over 25 marathons and all 6 of the marathon majors: London, Boston, New York, Chicago, Berlin and Tokyo. Our pupils learned about the fascinating history of women in marathon running and how women like her have broken barriers. 

World Book Day

We had a fantastic time celebrating our love for reading on World Book Day! Thank you for helping us make WBD a special and memorable day for our children. 

The children were so excited to see their classroom doors transformed to represent the fantasy world of their class book. It was wonderful to see so many parents participate in our first lesson of the day exploring the class book: year 2 children and parents created their own front cover for the Wind of the Willows; year 3 created their own confectionary for Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory; and year 6 created their own fantasy world maps!

LGBT+ Month Celebration 

On Tuesday 22nd February, the children gathered excitedly in assembly to celebrate and mark the end of the first LGBT+ History Month at Trinity. The children enjoyed this fantastic opportunity to share their learning with other year groups in class presentations. The assembly ended with a remarkable key stage performance of songs by the inspiring musicians from the LGBT+ Community. It was a spectacular way to end the month!

Celebration of writing 

Throughout Spring 1, our pupils engaged in authentic and purposeful writing projects, going through the writing process as authors and published their writing to share with the school community. Some year groups published their stories as a book to go in the library, year 5 created their own audiobooks and year 6 published their own newspaper featuring events from WW2. We held a special publishing celebration in the last week of term to celebrate their fantastic writing! Every pupil had the opportunity to share their writing with a pupil from another class and on Friday 11th February, the published pieces were displayed in the library for all children to enjoy. We also received a special visit from Sanchita who works at the Children’s Bookshop in Muswell Hill and sends us new books each term. Sanchita was taken on a tour of our published writing in the library by our School Captains and met our Authors of the Term who had the opportunity to share their writing with her. Sanchita was very impressed with the quality of our children’s writing!

History Bee

On Thursday 10th February, Trinity held our first ever House History Bee! The children had a fantastic time demonstrating all their wonderful history knowledge. The children answered some challenging questions including: "Who was the first man in space?" and "How did the Indus Valley civilization end?" After all the year groups had competed, it was incredibly close with just 7 points between 1st and 4th. However, with 80 points, it was Attenborough who were the winners, so well done to them!

National Poetry Day 

We had a fantastic time celebrating National Poetry Day this week. Parents and carers were welcomed into the school for poetry workshops with their children. We wrote everything from kennings to blackout poetry!  The children then created a whole school poem based on the theme of choice.

 We also held a poetry performance competition for KS1 and KS2. Our winners were 3L and 5W. Congratulations!