News and Events


Year 5 & 6 - Athletics Championship

On Thursday 19th May, some of Trinity’s year 5 and 6 pupils competed in the Haringey Athletics Championship. The children represented Trinity brilliantly, showing great determination throughout the events. Denaiyah from 6W was the 100m race champion and came 3rd place in the 200m race. Makarios from 6W earned a bronze medal in the 800m race.

Fantastic achievements! Well done team Trinity!

Year 5 - British Museum

Year 5 had a wonderful day visiting the Egyptian galleries at The British Museum and learnt lots! They saw the Rosetta Stone that helped us decipher hieroglyphics and studied murals and sculptures with gods, goddesses and kings that they had learned about. The children also saw examples of Egyptian burials methods including embalming and mummification, as well as exploring the decorated sarcophagus and sculptures that were used in Egyptian tombs.

Year 4 & 5 - Tottenham University

As part of the Tottenham University project, some of our year 4 and 5 children had the fantastic opportunity to visit Lords Cricket Ground as special guests. They watched a cricket game and even went on a special tour of the ground including the media centre. The children were commended for their exemplary behaviour and the questions they asked.

Year 4 - Enfield Nagapooshani Ambaal

Year 4 visited the Enfield Nagapooshani Ambaal Temple and experienced the beauty and diversity we have within our community as we were welcomed and shown around the ENA Temple. The children witnessed the rituals and traditions of Hinduism and asked some thoughtful questions as their learning was brought to life.

Year 3 - Science Museum

On Friday 25th March, Year 3 visited the Science Museum, South Kensington. This allowed us to explore the journey that we have travelled to ensure that we stay healthy. We got to see how to control infectious diseases, the importance of healthy water pipes and how medicines are made.

We even got to hypothesise on what animal the mysterious ‘Merman’ was. Our Keen scientists suggested everything from monkeys to platypuses!

It was an engaging and thought provoking trip. Furthermore, we would suggest that families visit this fantastic exhibition over the Easter holiday!

Year 5 Residential Trip - PGL

Some of our year 5 pupils spent the weekend on a residential trip at PGL! They had great fun canoeing, wall climbing and swing amongst trees in the giant swing!

Trinity Art Trip to the Courtauld Gallery

Some of our pupils in years 4-6 went on an art trip to the Courtauld Gallery of Art in central London. They took part in a workshop about Impressionist art and were able to study paintings by artists such as Renoir, Monet and Seurat in the museum, as well as learning new drawing and painting techniques in both a gallery and studio setting.

Reception - National History Museum

Reception embarked on an adventure to the National History Museum, as part of our prior learning on dinosaurs! The children were so excited to take part in a Super Stegosaurus workshop, where they became palaeontologists! We used our knowledge of dinosaurs to discuss and describe key words such as ‘herbivore’ and ‘carnivore’.

The children worked in teams to put together a stegosaurus skeleton & we were then taught lots of amazing information about this particular dinosaur, which the children thoroughly enjoyed! After lunch, we went on a self guided tour where we explored dinosaur eggs and fossils! The highlight of the day for many of the children was a trip to the dinosaur exhibit, especially getting the opportunity to see the ‘real’ T-Rex, to hear him roar and shake his head!

Year 6 Residential Trip - PGL

Year 6 had an incredible time in PGL! Arriving on Monday, they completed a number of challenging activities to build their skills of team working, communication and collaboration. The children learnt about survival skills such as creating fire, building shelters and map reading. They also faced their fears through abseiling, climbing, vertical challenge and many more. Year 6 were supportive of each other and impressed everyone with their amazing encouragement through difficult activities. We finished our wonderful week with a campfire and a singalong where the children (and adults!) learned some great songs and games.

Year 5 - History Museum of London

Year 5 went to the Museum of London to explore more about their topic, the Victorians.

First, we gathered information about the early Victorian period through objects on display and interactive features, such as dressing up clothes and a prison cell you could enter. Children were able to focus on specific items to investigate in words and pictures, making their own notes and drawings.

Following this, we entered a Victorian pleasure garden which had costumes on display and recorded actors, acting out a masquerade party in a park.

Next, the children experienced a Victorian street scene with a maze of traditional shops, such as a pharmacy, bakery and toy shop, as well as other Victorian features including a Victorian lamp post and a penny-farthing bicycle.

Finally, we entered the later Victorian era with modern features such as lifts, underground train models and photography. The children were able to investigate the items and models they found the most interesting to gain understanding of this important period in British society.

Year 1- Bruce Castle Museum

Year One went on their first ever school trip and we were very excited! We visited the magnificent Bruce Castle Museum for an intriguing workshop all about weaving and wax prints in African cultures!

First, we learned about the different textiles and materials used across the continent. Then, it was our turn to do some weaving. We explored the vibrant, intricate designs before creating our own colourful patterns! Before heading home, we had a picnic in the park on a beautiful Autumn afternoon!

Year 2- St Paul's Cathedral

Year 2 had an incredible time on their trip to St. Paul’s Cathedral. They learnt lots of information about The Great Fire of London during a Workshop. They, then had the opportunity to explore the famous building and find out about how it burnt down during the fire.


Red Nose Day

On Friday, our children and staff dressed up in red and as superheroes and raised £1048! We are delighted to have exceeded our target of £500. A huge thank you for your contributions! The money raised will go towards charities helping to tackle poverty, take action against violence and bring an end to discrimination in the UK and across the world.

Careers Week

What a success careers week has been! The children have heard talks from a Royal Navy captain who represents the Queen in Haringey, an archaeologist who advises on heritage sites across the country, a web designer who started coding as a child due to her love of solving puzzles, and our very own Jon Roberts (parent) who gave the children an incredibly stunning and thorough insight into life working at ITN, including a personalised ‘Hello Trinity!’ from ITV presenter Nina Hussein.

International Women's Day

Our pupils enjoyed an inspirational talk from our guest speaker, Sara Black, on International Women’s Day. Sara has run over 25 marathons and all 6 of the marathon majors: London, Boston, New York, Chicago, Berlin and Tokyo. Our pupils learned about the fascinating history of women in marathon running and how women like her have broken barriers.

World Book Day

We had a fantastic time celebrating our love for reading on World Book Day! Thank you for helping us make WBD a special and memorable day for our children.

The children were so excited to see their classroom doors transformed to represent the fantasy world of their class book. It was wonderful to see so many parents participate in our first lesson of the day exploring the class book: year 2 children and parents created their own front cover for the Wind of the Willows; year 3 created their own confectionary for Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory; and year 6 created their own fantasy world maps!

LGBT+ Month Celebration

On Tuesday 22nd February, the children gathered excitedly in assembly to celebrate and mark the end of the first LGBT+ History Month at Trinity. The children enjoyed this fantastic opportunity to share their learning with other year groups in class presentations. The assembly ended with a remarkable key stage performance of songs by the inspiring musicians from the LGBT+ Community. It was a spectacular way to end the month!

Celebration of writing

Throughout Spring 1, our pupils engaged in authentic and purposeful writing projects, going through the writing process as authors and published their writing to share with the school community. Some year groups published their stories as a book to go in the library, year 5 created their own audiobooks and year 6 published their own newspaper featuring events from WW2. We held a special publishing celebration in the last week of term to celebrate their fantastic writing! Every pupil had the opportunity to share their writing with a pupil from another class and on Friday 11th February, the published pieces were displayed in the library for all children to enjoy. We also received a special visit from Sanchita who works at the Children’s Bookshop in Muswell Hill and sends us new books each term. Sanchita was taken on a tour of our published writing in the library by our School Captains and met our Authors of the Term who had the opportunity to share their writing with her. Sanchita was very impressed with the quality of our children’s writing!

History Bee

On Thursday 10th February, Trinity held our first ever House History Bee! The children had a fantastic time demonstrating all their wonderful history knowledge. The children answered some challenging questions including: "Who was the first man in space?" and "How did the Indus Valley civilization end?" After all the year groups had competed, it was incredibly close with just 7 points between 1st and 4th. However, with 80 points, it was Attenborough who were the winners, so well done to them!

National Poetry Day

We had a fantastic time celebrating National Poetry Day this week. Parents and carers were welcomed into the school for poetry workshops with their children. We wrote everything from kennings to blackout poetry! The children then created a whole school poem based on the theme of choice.

We also held a poetry performance competition for KS1 and KS2. Our winners were 3L and 5W. Congratulations!