September Report

Post date: Oct 12, 2011 8:16:40 PM

Principal’s Report

September, 2011

1. Summer was a very active time for the administration adding new staff members

a. Julie Flynn, Assistant Principal

b. Tammy Fortune, Grade 8 Math

c. Kim Storey, Grade 5

d. Diane Tenen, Grade 5

e. Jennifer Smith, Grade 3, returned from her maternity leave

f. Linda Gothie, Grade 2

g. Pat Trahman, Nurse

h. Instructional Assistants; Ann Horgan, Pam Carpenter, Maryann Zayka and Wendy Braceland

2. Several Sawyer staff members changed their assignments in the District

a. Kevin LaCoste was named Principal of Pompo and Center schools

b. Kathy Barry, Grade 1, retired

c. Linda McInnis, nurse, resigned

d. Maura Moran, Kindergarten, is teaching at Pompo.

e. Erin Keaney, grade 5, is now teaching in Lancaster

f. Lori DiPrima, grade 1, is on maternity leave

i. Her maternity leave sub, Jewel Della Valle was hired in Stow

1. Jessica Gilchrest is teaching the class until Lori’s return in December

3. Several Sawyer teachers were in looping situations.

a. Stephanie Boyle, Grade 1

b. Susan Bushe, Grade 2

c. Cindy Finan, Grade 2

d. Steve Grant, Grade 3

e. Jennifer Sigismondo, Grade 4

4. School started on August 29th for staff with no electricity. The faculty adapted well and students were unaffected, the following day.

5. We are working closely with our bus company to ensure that all students have a positive experience to and from school.

6. Several middle school teachers and staff attended a weeklong workshop over the summer called Developmental Designs. The Developmental Designs approach offers practical structures designed to keep young people safe, connected, responsible, and engaged in learning. It is a social skills program that helps students learn how to self-regulate. Jen Mannion led our Middle School meeting through a CPR (Circle of Power and Responsibility) exercise this morning. As we continue to grow in our understanding of Developmental Designs we will continue to incorporate more of the strategies into students daily routines.

7. Elementary teachers are working on several initiatives this year to strengthen our writing development programs. There is a new district wide spelling program being implemented this year. The program looks at the sequencing of rules that students need to know and build upon to develop high levels of spelling competency. Handwriting without tears will be taught to students in Kindergarten, first grade and third grade.

8. Our first Open House (grades 6-8) was held last night. The Middlesex County DA’s office presented a terrific workshop called, “What Parents Need to Know about Social Networking”

9. The K-5 Open House is Tuesday, September 22. The D.A.s will offer a lecture called, “What Parents Need to Know About Online Gaming.” A schedule will be in this week’s newsletter.

10. Our Cross Country Team started last week under first year head coach Jacky Foster. Gary Kozloski has agreed to stay on for one more year as Assistant Coach during the transition.

11. Our enrichment programs will be starting up at or near the beginning of October. Those programs include; Destination Imagination, Junior Great Books, Running Club, Student Council, Mural Group, Intramural athletics, Drama Club, Seventh Grade Spanish, Global Child, Debate Club and Chess

12. PAC holds their September meeting on Tuesday the 27th at 7:00 PM in the cafeteria.