September, 2012

Post date: Sep 11, 2012 12:43:39 AM

School Council September 12th Principal’s Report

· We had a very busy summer resulting in a smooth start to our school year.

· We have added new staff to our faculty

o Assistant Principals Alana Cyr and Steve Grant

o Special Educators Jason Zindars and Veronica Traugott

o 8th grade teacher Eileen Wilder

o 6th grade teachers Kristen Sullivan and Quintin Burks

o Instructional Assistant Maryann Zayka

· Michael Wood authorized a fifth section of sixth grade when our enrollment reached 109 students. We designed the fifth section as a “plus” section that has been proven effective at Hale Middle School.

· Michael Wood has been working closely with the bus company to strike a balance between lengths of routes and viable stops.

· Smart Boards have been installed in all grade 5 classrooms and in Spanish.

· Early MCAS returns are strong. I will present a full report in October.

· Mike Caligiuri continues to reconfigure the library adding new seating and opening up space for instruction.

· Our first A-E teaching cycle is complete.

· Students and teachers have made the necessary adjustments to their schedules

· The newly designed Children’s Memorial Courtyard is extraordinary – A special thanks to Mark Van Buren of Mark’s Landscaping for all of his hard work and dedication to this project.

· The Superintendent has authorized a new web site for us coming some time in October

· The new pick-up and drop-off procedure at the Emerson Wing is mirroring that of the Sawyer Wing

o We have offered parents a one-stop pickup plan for those with children in both wings.

· We had energetic first day assemblies to set the tone for the school year.

o We discussed:

§ The rights and responsibilities of students

§ What we expect from them.

§ What they can expect from us.

· Cross country began this week coached by Mr. Kozloski and Mr. Burks

* Drama began this week with fall plays scheduled.

· School Pictures will be October 1, 2012.

· The PMC Kids Ride will move to the Fall this year with our second calendar ride taking place on Sunday October 7, 2012.