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November 2015 Principals Report

posted Nov 4, 2015, 8:37 AM by Joel Bates

  • Our safety committee continues to meet every other week to review what we are doing, how we are doing it, and what we can improve relative to our facilities and safety

  • FSS Movement (before school movement) continues on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday each week

  • A school-wide social contract School Senate associated with Student Council took place after school Monday, November 2nd with student representatives

  • PLUS programming began in First and Second Grade in a push-in model on Tuesday, October 27th (on each F Day)

  • NRSD held a flu clinic on October 28th before and at the start of school Wednesday, October 28th

  • Parks and Recreation hosted the annual Halloween Party and Parade on Saturday, October 31st

  • NYFH Monster Mash Tournament field hockey took place on Derby Field Saturday, October 31st

  • Our Pick-a-Time Scheduler opened on November 2nd until November 9th

  • Fourth Grade presented their annual pumpkin viewing on November 2nd

  • Grade 8 Race to the Presidency begins today

  • Mary Fitch led Q&A Web Tool sessions K-2 and 3-5 in the auditorium today

  • Punk Rope, Knitting Club, Intramural Basketball, Flag Football continue

  • Field trips to Lowell for third and fourth grade continue

  • DI – Destination Imagination had an interest meeting  to talk about the 2015-2016 programming

  • Karen Walsh Fortin, our math specialist, continues story-telling with Kindergarten, Fourth Grade, and Seventh Grade

  • Our 7th and 8th grade middle school dance as well as PAC Bingo were a big success

  • Daylight Savings Time occurred Sunday, November 1st

  • FSS Drama Club will host Tales of the Raven Thursday, November 5th (7:00-9:00)

  • Budget season is underway

  • CALM Training (the second session) will take place at FSS for district staff on November 6th

  • Veteran’s Day is Wednesday, November 11th (No School)

  • Early Release Day Thursday, November 12th will feature parent/teacher conferences which includes babysitting

  • There will be no school Friday, November 13th due to a full day of parent/teacher conferences which includes babysitting

  • Our third annual family pasta dinner fundraiser will be Tuesday, November 17th (Fundraiser for the McRell Scholarship Fund)

Submitted: Steven Grant ☺

October Principal's Report

posted Nov 4, 2015, 8:35 AM by Joel Bates   [ updated Nov 4, 2015, 8:36 AM ]

  • Our safety committee continues to meet every other week to review what we are doing, how we are doing it, and what we can improve relative to our facilities and safety

  • Running Club, led by Ms. Gurley, continues each week

  • Our new FSS website as part of all of the schools/district websites launched last week

  • FSS Movement (before school movement) has started

  • First Grade went apple picking two weeks ago

  • PAC sponsored a Food Play assembly for Grades K-4 at the end of last month

  • Several staff members participated in a CALM Training last month as part of a district staff training – There will be another training forthcoming in November

  • Math Olympiad students are now meeting (Grades  4, 5, 6)

  • All-state Chorus, led by Ms. Coates, (Grades 4, 5, 6) is underway

  • District Chorus try-outs for Grades 7 and 8 are also starting with Ms. Coates

  • Intramural basketball starts soon (for girls and boys) Grades 6-8

  • The staff meet last Friday on an early release day to work on programming (writing across the curriculum) as a district

  • The Lion’s Eyemobile is on campus this week screening students in grades 3, 4, 5, and 7

  • School Picture Day has been rescheduled to October  20th

  • Knitting Club, led by Mrs. Gothie, will soon start meeting (I still have my homemade scarf)

  • Fire Safety Assemblies (Grades K and 1-2) will take place next week led by our first responders

  • Punk Rope starts next week with Ms. Richards (Grades 4-8)

  • Purple Pinky Day (Polio Eradication Awareness) will be October 22nd

  • Grade Three will head to Lowell on a field trip: Engineer It on two split days October 22nd and 29th

  • Bus Evacuation will be October 21st (for all students in both wings)

  • The first dance of the school year, sponsored by Student Council, will be October 23rd for 7th and 8th graders only – The theme is Halloween costume dress-up

  • PAC will sponsor PAC Bingo Saturday night, October 24th

  • Grade Three will complete a pumpkin decorating activity on Friday, October 30th (arts and crafts)

  • Grade Four will head to the Lowell Mills on October 30th

  • Our Pick-a-Time Scheduler opens on November 2nd until November 9th

  • Fourth Grade will have their annual pumpkin viewing on November 2nd

  • Veteran’s Day is Wednesday, November 11th (No School)

  • Early Release Day Thursday, November 12th will feature parent/teacher conferences

  • There will be no school Friday, November 13th due to a full day of parent/teacher conferences

  • Our third annual family pasta dinner fundraiser will be Tuesday, November 17th (Fundraiser for the McRell Scholarship Fund)

Submitted: Steven Grant ☺

September, 2015

posted Sep 9, 2015, 11:31 AM by Joel Bates

School Council September 9th Principal’s Report

  • Tomorrow will mark the completion of our first A-F cycle (Today is the 5th day of school) – We have been very busy building routines, schedules, and patterns

  • First day assemblies (elementary and middle school) set a tone for starting new, doing your best, and demonstrating respect and responsibility

  • Friends of the Bolton Library sponsored a Teacher Book Give Away in the Houghton Building last week

  • Fire Drills took place on the second day of school in both wings of our campus – The report was excellent – Students moved quickly and quietly

  • Students, Teachers, Administrators are adjusting nicely to another school year

  • Before school and after school (Extended Learning) is underway

  • Mark your calendars for open house:

Thursday, September 10th Middle School: Grades 5-8

Thursday, September 17th Elementary: Grades K-4

  • Administrative Walk-throughs will begin next week

  • PLUS Planning is underway for this coming school year

  • Band Rental Night is Tuesday, September 15th (6:00-8:00)

  • Four Winds will sponsor the first training workshop for parents Wednesday, September 16th (3:00-5:00) – Babysitting will be provided

  • The District Substitute Orientation takes place Thursday, September 17th

  • Our first ER – Early Release is Friday, September 18th

  • The Sargent Center Parent Meeting will be held Tuesday, September 22nd (7:00-8:00)

  • Worcester State Hearing Screenings will take place Friday, September 25th

  • Feasty Friday (our staff breakfast) starts September 25th

  • PMC Kids Ride will take place Sunday, September 27th from 12:00-2:00 on the Florence Sawyer Grounds

  • The Seventh Grade heads to Sargent Center on Tuesday through Friday, October 6th – 9th

  • We will have another ER – Early Release Day on Friday, October 9th (before we meet again as a School Council)

  • School Picture Day is Thursday, October 15th

Submitted: Steven Grant ☺

November, 2014

posted Nov 12, 2014, 9:58 AM by Joel Bates

School Council November 12th Principal’s Report

 The seventh graders had a great time at Sargent Center – They come back to us a little bit 

 We held the first Golden Eagle Assembly last month  - The drama group entertained the audience with a few short skits

 We had another successful fire drill and our first lock down in the middle/end of last month – The reports from our debriefing with the police and fire departments were positive

 School Pictures (individual and group) took place at the end of October

 The Lion’s Club Eyemobile  screening (hearing/vision) has come and gone for Grades 3, 4, 5, 7

 Fire Safety Week was observed by our first responders as they addressed our  K, 1, and 2 students – Note: The first responders also had lunch with our students

 The Gubernatorial mock election was held and we have our Y and Z party candidates – The eighth graders are learning a lot about the political process led by their Social Studies teacher, 

 Bus Evacuation for Grades Preschool through Eighth Grade was completed with our partnership with the bus company

 The middle school (Grades 7 and 8) had a Halloween themed dance last month

 Ms. Richards led four student council members to MIT and The Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values: SPARK 2014 for a day of featured speakers, entertainers, and a panel discussion with His Holiness The Dalai Lama

 Parent/Teacher Conferences were held October 30th, 31st and November 3rd

 The district participated in an all-day professional development day consisting of three two 

hours sessions for our district staff

 A district training was held for some of our administration, nurses, and guidance counselors on 

SBIRT: Screening, Brief Inventory, Referral Treatment for Alcohol and Drug Use sponsored by the MA Partnership of Public Health

 Jan Hanson presented at our staff meeting last week on Allergy Awareness as part of our continued professional development on this and other related topics

 Last Friday night the middle school put on a play lead by Maryann Zayka

 PLUS classes are 5/7 through the first PLUS cycle – New PLUS groups will start in December

 There was no school yesterday due to Veteran’s Day

 Our second annual pasta dinner fundraiser will be tomorrow night with two booked sittings for dinner from 5:00-6:00 and 6:00-7:00 – Bring your appetite

 Friday, November 14th is Community Reading Day K-8

 The dental hygienist will be here the week of November 17th for Grades Kindergarten, Two, 

 No School on November 26th 27th 28th (Thanksgiving)

Submitted by Steven Grant 

October, 2014

posted Oct 8, 2014, 9:29 AM by Joel Bates

School Council October 8th Principal’s Report

·         PAC has had their first meeting of the year (weeks ago) and a meeting (function) off-campus the other night

·         Teachers are developing news goals for this year in Baseline Edge & new goals for their IPDPs (for the next few years)

·         Four Winds had their parent training  two weeks ago (8th grade students handled the babysitting – Well done)

·         Some of the staff went apple picking a few Saturdays ago for a  bit of staff bonding, fun, and orchard walking

·         DI had their general interest meeting last week – Let the problem solving begin

·         The first round of district assessments are nearly complete (progress monitoring can begin)

·         RETELL training is underway once again including some of our FSS staff

·         The 7th graders are at Sargent Center this week in Hancock, NH – Staff are traveling up throughout the week to support, chaperone,  and help out

·         The Early Childhood has a playgroup scheduled in the Emerson Wing soon

·         We have had two successful fire drills in the month of September – More will be scheduled before the cold hits

·         The African Drummers will be here tomorrow – Thank you to PAC

·         PLUS has started – Many staff are involved and we are working with small groups of students each F Day (ELA theme)

·         The fourth grade is visiting the Lowell Mills today and Friday

·         The Minutemen representatives will be here tomorrow to talk to the 8th graders about programming

·         The end of the month (October 30th) will bring a gubernatorial  mock election run by the eighth grade classes

·         The first grade went apple picking two weeks ago

·         The second grade will host a speaker to talk about differences among us (second graders) as a way for them to better understand their classmates this year

·         A Substitute Orientation took place two weeks ago led by the Superintendent

·         We have held interviews for two positions that will be open soon (guidance and a paraprofessional)

·         The third grade will go to Lowell on Wednesday, October 22nd   

·         The preschool will go to the Ecotarium on Thursday, October 23rd

·         Purple Pinky Day is Friday, October 24th

·         We continue to update, review, and train our staff relative to allergy awareness

·         School Pictures are October 20th (we changed the date)

·         Parent Conferences will be October 30th (5:00-8:00) October 31st (1:00-3:00) November 3rd (8:00-3:00)

·         Pick-a-time opens to schedule a parent conference on October 20th and closes October 26th

·         The Lion’s Club will sponsor a hearing clinic for grades three, four, and seven on October 21st

·         The first Golden Eagle Assembly of the year is on Friday, October 17th

·         We have no school on Monday, October 13th Columbus Day

·         There is no school (for students) November 4th (Election Day) – The staff have an all day PD work session day

·         We have no school on Tuesday, November 11th Veteran’s Day

·         The second annual Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser will be Thursday, November 13th – Bring your appetite

·         The PAC sponsored Bingo Night will be Friday, November 22nd

September, 2014

posted Sep 9, 2014, 6:38 PM by Joel Bates

School Council September 10th Principal’s Report 

·       Two A-F cycles are almost complete – We are off to a busy start

·       First day assemblies (elementary and middle school) set the tone

·       Fire Drills in both wings of the campus took place on our second day of school

·       Students, Teachers, and Administrators have made the necessary adjustments to their schedules

·       Before School (Extended Learning) started this week

·       Cross Country starts this week (Grades Six, Seven, and Eight)

·       Band Instrument Night took place the other night

·       Open House – Thursday, September 11th Middle School: Grades 5-8

·       Open House – Thursday, September 18th Elementary: Grades K-4

·       Worcester State University (Graduate Students)  Hearing testing for Grades K-2 – Friday, September 19th

·       Kindergarten Screening takes place on Thursday and Friday, September 18th and 19th

·       PMC Kids Ride takes place on Sunday, September 28th

·       School Pictures are Thursday, September 25th – Get your smile ready

·       Our first ER – Early Release is Friday, September 26th

·       Our first staff breakfast (Feasty Friday) is also Friday, September 26th

·       PLUS starts Wednesday, October 1st – Grades One through Four

·       PAC Enrichment sponsors African Drumming on Wednesday, October 8th

·       The seventh grade heads to Sargent Center Tuesday through Friday, October 7th through 10th

·       The fourth grade visits The Lowell Mills on Wednesday and Friday, October 8th and 10th (two classes  and two classes)

·       A spaghetti supper planning meeting is taking place next week –TBD


Submitted: Steven Grant J



June, 2014

posted Jun 11, 2014, 10:28 AM by Joel Bates

School Council – June 11th

• Both MCAS and PARCC have been boxed up and shipped back – We await the results 

• Kindergarten parent meeting orientation was a huge success – Our new Kindergarteners met 

• First Grade had a fun time at the zoo

• Field Days are on-going – Grade K-3, 6-7, 4-5 and 8 on the last day of school

• Fifth Grade went to Boston and walked the Freedom Trail – They had fun

• Eighth Grade went to Boston doing a variety of things including visiting Fenway Park

• Seventh Grade travelled to Overlook Farm

• The Volunteer Reception is upcoming next Monday at 3:30

• The Eighth Grade Recognition Night is next Wednesday night – We shall say goodbye

• Our last day of school is next Thursday – This includes Move-up Day

• The Fourth Grade went to the Lowell Mills in two trips – Half the grade and then the other half 

• Third Grade had a rainy trip to Plimoth Plantation 

• Band Concerts continue Grade 4-5 and 6-8

• Chorus Concerts continue Grades 4-5 and 6-8

• Third Grade plays Song Flutes tomorrow night

• Third Grade presents the Wax Museum this Friday

• Kindergarten had a wonderful Art Show

• Second Grade had their Family Picnic

• First Grade hosts Author’s Days this week

• The staff has a potluck luncheon to break bread on the last day of school when the buses pull 

• Administrators release Unit C evaluations on Friday and Formative Assessments (Year Two) on 

• Preschool has their parent orientation after this meeting tonight

• 4Quill hosts silent pictures in the FSS Auditorium soon

• SPED PAC hosted Peg Dawson – It was fairly well attended

• Fourth and Fifth Grade (Girls) Intramural basketball is finished

• We have one more Golden Eagle Assembly next week

• The student-faculty softball game raised money for our scholarship for a Bolton senior 

graduating from NRHS – We get to acknowledge one of our own – Note: We won the game!

• The track team won the district championship against our sister school – Stow

• The Bolton 5K rally is this Saturday

• Baseball and Softball ended last Friday

Submitted: Steven Grant

May 14, 2014 Principal's Report

posted May 14, 2014, 6:44 AM by Joel Bates

School Council – May 14th Principal’s Report

Since April Vacation….

·         MCAS testing - Grades 3-8 Mathematics and Science/Technology – on-going

·         The MCAS breakfast tradition continues – Thank you PAC

·         PARCC testing – Grades 7 – on-going

·         PAC sponsored The Whale-Mobile last week

·         The PMC Family Trivia night was a huge success – Thank you for all who supported the event  in some way

·         The BBQ dance last Friday was well-attended and a lot of fun

·         The Children’s Fair was also well attended by the community and they had terrific weather

·         Second Grade is headed to Mechanic’s Hall to see a show

·         The Kindergarten Parent Meeting is upcoming – Numerous staff will be on hand to be part of the informational meet and greet

·         First Grade journeys to the Zoo soon

·         Staff Appreciation Week was wonderful  last week – We feel very appreciated – Thank you to all the parents and community for your support

·         Student-led/involved conferences (3-8) took place last month – Great job students

·         We had a Red Sox drawing for free tickets based upon the parents who participated in the parent survey during the conference sessions

·         Field Days take place in early June

·         We passed the budget at town meeting (all three towns passed) – Final staffing and budgeting are underway as we speak

·         Our district Coordinated Program Review is underway

·         The NAEYC accreditors have come and gone – Preschool and Kindergarten

·         Final Evaluations for our staff are continuing and being released in three waves – Developing, Year 1, and Year 2

·         SWAT AW Testing was scheduled for last and for the next two weeks

·         We have a Golden Eagle Assembly next week

·         Friday, May 23rd is an ER Day and Monday, May 26th there will be no school

·         PLUS classes are winding down during this difficult-to-schedule month of May/June

·         Kindergarten will have their annual Art Show at the end of the month

·         Chorus and Band Concerts take place in early June

Note: Some activities and events may have been missed – We are incredibly busy from PK through 8!


Submitted: Steven Grant  J


April, 2014

posted Apr 9, 2014, 12:26 PM by Joel Bates

·         Pick-a-Time closes on Sunday (conferences are next Wednesday and Thursday)

·         Conferences are Wednesday, April 16th 1:00-3:00 and Thursday, April 17th 1:00-8:00

·         Kindergarten Registrations run the same hours as conferences (see above)

·         The next Golden Eagle/Sawyer Star assembly is Friday, May 2nd

·         Vacation time is close – April 21st through April 25th

·         PMC Trivia is Thursday, May 1st – Mr. Bates will be entertaining everyone

·         The PAC Math Challenge Fundraiser packets have been released

·         The first annual Family Math Night was held weeks ago – Thank you Heather Haines

·         4th and 5th grade (boys) intramural basketball ended yesterday

·         4th and 5th grade (girls) intramural basketball starts after vacation

·         Bus evacuation drills took place last month

·         MCAS ELA and Long Composition have concluded, been boxed up, and are gone

·         PARCC testing for grades 6 and 8 have concluded

·         A district nurse CPR recertification took place last month

·         Softball and Baseball tryouts take place soon

·         Spring Track also starts up soon

·         Dr. Dolittle JR. takes place Friday and Saturday night under Maryann Zayka’s direction

·         The Auction sponsored by Donations raised $28,000.00 – Thank you

·         The Middle School had a March Madness Dance at the end of last month

·         The Second Grade went to Mechanic’s Hall last week

·         High School 8th Grade Transition meetings took place last week

·         Gum Amnesty will take place this Friday

·         PLUS groups start (third cohort) Monday

·         The next round of MCAS takes place in May (our window is May 5th through May 21st)

·         PAC Enrichment Whale-Mobile will take place in May for grades (K-3)

·         Annual Town Meeting is May 5th

·         Art of Inspiration, which was rescheduled, for grades 6-8 was well-received

·         PARCC testing resumes for Grade Seven May 5th through June 6th

·         PAC Rocket Camp launched rockets on a Saturday last month

·         PAC Staff Appreciation Week takes place the first full week of May

·         Intramural golf will be starting up – Fore’

·         Jump Rope for Heart will take place in a week or two in PE classes

·         Our DI teams represented at the regionals, states, and one team is going to nationals – Wow!

Submitted: Steven Grant


March, 2014

posted Mar 12, 2014, 10:33 AM by Joel Bates

 Principal’s Report

• The Scholastic Book Fair was very successful

• We had a snow day on February 13th and a delayed opening on February 14th

• Jarett Krosoczka‘s two days of workshops and an assembly were well received by students and staff

• Our mid-year PLUS groups ended on Monday – We will have an MCAS break for two weeks and then start 

our last round of PLUS programming with same and new groupings

• Lip Sync was an entertaining event as usual with the student and staff acts

• Our Preschool Playgroup continues to meet each month

 Grade Freshman Night was held at the high school

• Rocket Camp sold out this past Saturday – 60 K-4 students built and blasted off rockets

• The spring RETELL classes are in full swing and the winter participants are supporting the spring 

• There will be a dance next Friday 

• The Auction sponsored by Donations is Saturday, March 22nd

• The administration continues to meet monthly with the paraprofessionals

• MCAS season is upon is – Trainings this week and testing for the next two weeks – Long Comp and ELA - 

• PAC sponsors the MCAS breakfast in the form of cereal for the students prior to testing starting at 9:00

• We have a district early release this Friday to continue district initiative work

• The middle school students will participate in an At Risk Behavior Survey on our Early Release Day

• Minuteman Career Day for the 7th

• We had another Golden Eagle Assembly last Friday for K-4 and 5-8

• We have a night out with Charlie Applestein tomorrow night for staff to enjoy a dinner and his 

motivational presentation

• Two Fridays ago staff attended a We Paint Social at Slater’s Restaurant

• PARCC Testing will take place April 1st

• The DI Tournament will be Saturday, March 22nd

• Several district PD sessions are underway – Behavior Code, Writing, Balanced Literacy, Smart Boards, etc.

• Family Math Night is Tuesday, March 25th

• The last Four Winds parent training took place last week

• When the snow is gone soon enough Track, Softball, and Baseball can begin

• Dr. Dolittle Jr. will be held on April 11th

• Pick-a-Time will open soon to schedule our student-led and parent/teacher conferences

• Jessica Gilchrest went on maternity leave on Friday – Debbie Baxendale is rejoining us from the high 

school to substitute in First Grade

• Lori DiPrima’s last day will be April 11th

• Melissa Walsh will be back on Monday – Kasey Gomez did a wonderful job and today was her last day – 

She will be starting another long-term substitution out of district – Best wishes Kasey!

 at The International

 Graders will be held this Friday before the Early Release work

 through April 4th

 Grade Intramural Basketball continues for boys and girls

 and 12th

 – Chrissy Solywoda, from MRE, will be substituting in First Grade

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