November 2011

Post date: Nov 16, 2011 4:00:56 PM

Assistant Principal’s Report to FSS School Council

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

1. The Power Outages wreaked havoc with an already choppy month.

a. Our last official day of school is the 18th of June. As a result, we will only have 14.5 days with students in November.

b. The play “30 Reasons Not to Be In A Play” was rescheduled for November 18 & 19.

c. School Council was canceled and postponed to November 16, 2011, presenting multiple conflicts with the grade 8 fundraising meeting and the District mentor meeting.

d. November 22 is picture retake day.

e. Pick-A-Time opened late to try and accommodate parents without power.

f. Halloween parades and activities (k& 1) were delayed.

2. Parent/Teacher conferences were well attended.

3. Cross Country finished a spectacular season with

4. Student Enrichment is underway

a. Destination Imagination teams have started.

b. FSTV has begun. They will film Friday’s Golden Eagle Assemblies and Tuesday’s football game and process the videos for channel 10.

c. The Debate Team is seeking new members for this year’s season.

d. Knitting Club has been very enthusiastically received.

e. Math Olympiad started in October.

f. We may be starting an Origami Club

g. The Go club resumes in January.

h. Chess Club will begin in February, for K-8

5. Florence Sawyer is being used constantly with town and school organization meetings nearly every night. It has presented some scheduling challenges but we’re happy to be a resource for the town of Bolton.

6. The fourth grade presented their pumpkin projects. The creativity of the students was evident. Several pumpkins are on display throughout the campus.

7. Grade 3 goes on a field trip on December 1 to the Harvard Museum of Natural History.

8. Grade 2 completed their unit of study on communities. The ever-expanding miniature city-scape spanned the length of the courtyard hallway.

9. Grade 8 completed their race to the Presidency Civics unit. Kelly Bagdonis and Brendan MacMullan were elected President and vice president respectively from the Z party. Joel moderated the final debate and let the students know that the way they approached the issues from a position of knowledge and in a spirit of compromise, they could teach our current public officials some lessons.

10. Our first middle school dance was held on October 20. It was very well attended.

11. Friday October 28th Teachers worked in a new model of professional development based on interest. The focus groups are facilitated by district educators with specific team generated goals.

12. The CRC working with grades 1 & 2, will host three parent forums on the new District Report Cards for grades 1 & 2. The purpose of the forums is to introduce parents to the new reporting tool and provide them with a level of familiarity in advance of the December 9 issue of report cards. The forums are scheduled for;

a. Bolton – November 29

b. Stow – November 30

c. Lancaster – December 1

i. A podcast will follow for parents that are unable to make the forums.

ii. Florence Sawyer School hosted all of the district grade 1 and 2 teachers yesterday for a working session using the powerteacher grade book.

13. The Student Faculty Touch Football game will be scheduled (weather permitting) for Tuesday, November22, at 2:00PM. Student admission will be a canned good that we will donate to food pantries.

14. PAC met last night. We will receive a report in December.