June, 2014

Post date: Jun 11, 2014 5:28:45 PM

School Council – June 11th

• Both MCAS and PARCC have been boxed up and shipped back – We await the results

• Kindergarten parent meeting orientation was a huge success – Our new Kindergarteners met

• First Grade had a fun time at the zoo

• Field Days are on-going – Grade K-3, 6-7, 4-5 and 8 on the last day of school

• Fifth Grade went to Boston and walked the Freedom Trail – They had fun

• Eighth Grade went to Boston doing a variety of things including visiting Fenway Park

• Seventh Grade travelled to Overlook Farm

• The Volunteer Reception is upcoming next Monday at 3:30

• The Eighth Grade Recognition Night is next Wednesday night – We shall say goodbye

• Our last day of school is next Thursday – This includes Move-up Day

• The Fourth Grade went to the Lowell Mills in two trips – Half the grade and then the other half

• Third Grade had a rainy trip to Plimoth Plantation

• Band Concerts continue Grade 4-5 and 6-8

• Chorus Concerts continue Grades 4-5 and 6-8

• Third Grade plays Song Flutes tomorrow night

• Third Grade presents the Wax Museum this Friday

• Kindergarten had a wonderful Art Show

• Second Grade had their Family Picnic

• First Grade hosts Author’s Days this week

• The staff has a potluck luncheon to break bread on the last day of school when the buses pull

• Administrators release Unit C evaluations on Friday and Formative Assessments (Year Two) on

• Preschool has their parent orientation after this meeting tonight

• 4Quill hosts silent pictures in the FSS Auditorium soon

• SPED PAC hosted Peg Dawson – It was fairly well attended

• Fourth and Fifth Grade (Girls) Intramural basketball is finished

• We have one more Golden Eagle Assembly next week

• The student-faculty softball game raised money for our scholarship for a Bolton senior

graduating from NRHS – We get to acknowledge one of our own – Note: We won the game!

• The track team won the district championship against our sister school – Stow

• The Bolton 5K rally is this Saturday

• Baseball and Softball ended last Friday

Submitted: Steven Grant