February, 2012

Post date: Feb 8, 2012 11:06:39 PM

Principal’s Report to the School Council

February 2012

1. We presented the budget to the School Committee on Saturday, 2/3

a. The SC had no questions for me.

b. Michael Wood will attend our meeting in March to entertain any questions you may have.

2. We will move onto scheduling and staffing for the 2012-2013 school year once the budget is approved

a. Staffing should look the same as was presented in the budget

b. Scheduling could look slightly different due to staff concerns.

3. Student Council Dance was well attended by 7th and 8th graders.

4. Survey Subcommittee met and reviewed the past surveys and made recommendations. Parent and student surveys will be developed and submitted to the Council for a March vote with an April launch during conferences.

5. M-LEAP surveys will take place tomorrow. M-LEAP is part of a research study that we participated in last year.

6. After 5 years, we are taking a break from competing in the Spelling Bee.

7. Two weeks ago teams of teachers across the District came together to align our curriculum standards to the Common Core Standards. This important work will serve as the basis of our curriculum development and revision work in the coming years

8. Student Council movie afternoon was well attended. PAC Trivia was well attended as well.

a. Techsploration was a great assembly

b. Ooch came back to the middle elementary grades

c. Book Fair and kickoff Movie begins tomorrow 2/9

9. Donations Committee’s Auction is gearing up for March 24.

10. On Monday 1/23, we locked our doors at 4:00 per the request of the Bolton Police Department.

a. I wrote a newsletter article explaining the action and the subsequent ways in which we are looking at our procedures

i. Students should not be dropped off early unless there is a specific reason for them to be here.

ii. Students will have a sign-in policy.

iii. All advisors, coaches and activity directors are responsible for knowing where students are at all times.

11. 2nd Grade goes to Mechanics Hall next week

12. The District Food Service Department sponsored a Patriots themed Tailgating Party with Grilled Chicken, Sports music and Patriots videos

13. Student Faculty basketball is next week

14. Golden Eagle Assemblies are Friday.

15. Our Spring musical OZ! has been cast. The Drama Club is working hard to pull together a great show on March 30-31

16. Meteorologist Barry Burbank had to cancel today. Turns out he was under the weather.

17. The 2012 Lip Sync is Friday March 9.