October, 2012

posted Nov 1, 2012, 7:54 PM by Joel Bates

School Council October 10th Principal’s Report


We have had a very busy month of September and beginning of October.

·         Our PAC sponsored John Boiano is working with the students grades one to eighth over two days  -  the focus of the workshops is on building social competencies with kids. 

·         We  will have a ceremony to honor our newly designed Children’s Memorial Courtyard on Thursday, October 25th

·         Individual school pictures were taken last week.  Life Touch worked closely with us to ensure high quality photos and experiences.

·         Cross country has started having meets with other schools

·         Intramural touch football is now underway

·         The Plus Project will be starting at the end of the month in grades one to 8.

·         The Mathematics Olympiads is kicking off soon

·         The Running Club has started meeting before school

·         Punk Rope has also started up again

·         DI is in the initial phases of developing their schedule for the upcoming  year

·         Drama is starting to get organized for a November performance

·         PMC riders met on Sunday for a day of riding and barbequing

·         Believe it or not we are in the early phases of preparing for fall conferences, in the first week of November

·         Worcester State was here last week performing hearing tests with grades K-2

·         It is Fire Safety week and we will have two assemblies this coming Friday

·         Several teachers will be off campus next week for a Daily Five, Café Menu presentation.

·         ACT/SOS screenings will take place next week with our eighth graders

·         Vision and hearing screenings will take place next week for grades four, five, and seven

·         The seventh graders returned from their four day adventure at Sargent Center in NH – it was a pretty wet week.

·         The first (September) Golden Eagle assemblies have occurred and we set a nice tone for the year