April, 2014

Post date: Apr 9, 2014 7:26:20 PM

· Pick-a-Time closes on Sunday (conferences are next Wednesday and Thursday)

· Conferences are Wednesday, April 16th 1:00-3:00 and Thursday, April 17th 1:00-8:00

· Kindergarten Registrations run the same hours as conferences (see above)

· The next Golden Eagle/Sawyer Star assembly is Friday, May 2nd

· Vacation time is close – April 21st through April 25th

· PMC Trivia is Thursday, May 1st – Mr. Bates will be entertaining everyone

· The PAC Math Challenge Fundraiser packets have been released

· The first annual Family Math Night was held weeks ago – Thank you Heather Haines

· 4th and 5th grade (boys) intramural basketball ended yesterday

· 4th and 5th grade (girls) intramural basketball starts after vacation

· Bus evacuation drills took place last month

· MCAS ELA and Long Composition have concluded, been boxed up, and are gone

· PARCC testing for grades 6 and 8 have concluded

· A district nurse CPR recertification took place last month

· Softball and Baseball tryouts take place soon

· Spring Track also starts up soon

· Dr. Dolittle JR. takes place Friday and Saturday night under Maryann Zayka’s direction

· The Auction sponsored by Donations raised $28,000.00 – Thank you

· The Middle School had a March Madness Dance at the end of last month

· The Second Grade went to Mechanic’s Hall last week

· High School 8th Grade Transition meetings took place last week

· Gum Amnesty will take place this Friday

· PLUS groups start (third cohort) Monday

· The next round of MCAS takes place in May (our window is May 5th through May 21st)

· PAC Enrichment Whale-Mobile will take place in May for grades (K-3)

· Annual Town Meeting is May 5th

· Art of Inspiration, which was rescheduled, for grades 6-8 was well-received

· PARCC testing resumes for Grade Seven May 5th through June 6th

· PAC Rocket Camp launched rockets on a Saturday last month

· PAC Staff Appreciation Week takes place the first full week of May

· Intramural golf will be starting up – Fore’

· Jump Rope for Heart will take place in a week or two in PE classes

· Our DI teams represented at the regionals, states, and one team is going to nationals – Wow!

Submitted: Steven Grant