June, 2013

posted Jun 13, 2013, 9:06 PM by Joel Bates

School Council June 12th Principal’s Report 


·         Finished Spring round of MCAS testing – shipped back, PAC sponsored the MCAS breakfast – Thank you!

·         Kindergarten Parent Meet and Greet was held – parents and children met the teachers and staff

·         Preschool Orientation – Meet and Greet was held – just for the parents to get information and meet staff

·         Kyle Dine presented a Food Allergy assembly – very well received

·         Brent Daniels rocked the house with his music and technology assembly

·         Worcester DA’s office presented Cyber Bullying as part of their community outreach with Ellen Miller in Grades 6 7 8 – She is coming back to work with 3 4 5

·         7th Grade went to Overlook Farm

·         6th Grade went to Plimoth Plantation

·         Chorus Concerts were held – Mr. Ryan’s last run!

·         Band Concerts are happening this week

·         Field Days start this week

·         2nd Grade is holding their family picnic this week

·         5th Grade is going to Boston this week

·         3rd Grade is going on a Walking Tour of Bolton this week

·         1st Grade is off to the Zoo this week

·         Lockdown Drill was held – The Chief of Police debriefed with the staff

·         The last Golden Eagle assembly is this Friday

·         Growth and Development discussions  (5th Grade) will take place this week

·         The student-faculty softball game is this week

·         3rd Grade Wax Museum is the week

·         8th Grade is going to Six Flags next week

·         PMC Trivia Night is tonight!

·         Recognition of our Volunteers is upcoming

·         Recognition Night for the 8th Graders is June 25th

·         The last day of school is June 26th – Move up day for K-7 and Field Day for Grade 8

·         The staff party is June 26th - Don Ryan and Joyce Malin are retiring – Thank you for decades of service and memories!