The I.E.S. GRAN VÍA started its Erasmus+ Program KA101 in 2016 with the project “Success strategies” in which we had some formation courses for teachers. All of them were related to students integration and coexistence problems. We took part in four mobilities in Czech Republic, Slovenia and Italy and visited schools with problems like ours.

We got a second KA101 for the year 2017-2018 with the project “INTEGRATION THROUH COOPERATION, A GREAT WAY TO EUROPEAN FUTURE”. More teachers have joined the project this year: The heads of department of Technology, Biology and Valencian Language. We have tried to join formation courses in Germany and Malta and jobshadowings in France, Slovenia and Greece. The main objective of both jobshadowings and courses  is to keep on our first project and learn how other countries and schools work with Students in social disadvantage, immigrants, different cultures and religions students, absenteeism and preventing early school leaving. We are interested in observing and learning other educative techniques that are successful in other schools and at the same time we can explain the educative programs we are developing in our school.

Our team is getting bigger with colleagues teaching Maths, ICT and Vocational Training studies. We would love to keep on with our KA101 and search the goals we have proposed. At the same time, we are trying to lay the foundation to get a KA201 program with students’ mobility in Secondary Education and a KA 202 for Vocational Training students.