Websites created and maintained by me

I have created and maintain quite a few websites. These are:

Roger G3XBM's (Mainly) Amateur Radio Blog

Updated regularly with news of my projects plus amateur radio news in general that has caught my eye. Also now includes more general stuff too. Updated most days.

My Sub-9kHz website is well out of date, so is not currently public.

East Anglian Churches

A blog detailing visits to churches in East Anglia. I hope to visit more this summer (2022).

Italy Blog

A blog about our 2017 holiday in Italy.

Baltic Blog

A blog about our 2018 holiday in the Baltic.

Portugal Blog

A blog of our 2019 holiday in Portugal.

Catalonia Blog

Our holiday based in Roses, Catalonia.

Cambridgeshire Choral Society

An amateur choral group in Cambridgeshire that produced major choral works in venues such as Kings College Chapel or Ely cathedral usually once a year. Now closed and the choir no longer exists sadly.