Covid-19 Aftermath

When the current pandemic ends (it will) things will be different in many ways:

  • High streets will be different. Many of us have got used to online shopping. Some of this started before the pandemic, but certainly this trend has speeded up. Those shops that survive will be those that adapt. Those that do not are unlikely to be around long. Expect fewer shops, more in-town flats and more places to meet. In 20 years, things will be very different. People will shop more locally.

  • People will work from home more. I suspect people will go into the office a few days a week, but maybe commute on fewer days. People will realise that living in a village rather than a big city has its advantages.

  • People will have meetings online more rather than travel a long way. Most of us have been pleasantly surprised how effective online meetings can be. I have attended several lectures by Zoom and sometimes we have had speakers and viewers on different continents.

  • There will be less air travel. People are realising there are actually good places to see without getting on a plane.

  • Live music will suffer. People often prefer live music, but may be more reluctant to travel far.

  • Inflation could rise.

  • Low interest rates will be around for a long time. Savings are likely to suffer.

  • For a while people will be nervous about socialising.

  • There is a danger of social unrest with fewer jobs and more unemployment.

We are going to have a very different time. Not all is bad.