Burwell is a fen-edge village about 14km NE of Cambridge. This is where we have lived since 1975. It has a population of about 7000. It has grown a lot, but still has a village feel. We like living here.

Everything you need, just about, is here including a doctor and dentist. The bus to Cambridge, Newmarket and Bury St Edmunds is every hour.

Houses vary in age from modern to 12th century. There is reported to be a tunnel from the oldest house in the village to the church. We know someone who lived there and she says this is true.

Although Cambridgeshire is quite flat, there are some nice walks quite near.

Suffolk is about 1km away and has hills! Newmarket is world famous for horse racing. It was where King Charles II came back in the 1600s.

Norfolk, which has some of the best churches in the world, is very close.

Ely is about 14km away with its famous cathedral. The university boat race between Oxford and Cambridge was held here in 2021.

Cambridge is our main centre for clothes shopping and is famous for Kings College Chapel. As locals we get free entry to the Cambridge colleges and Ely Cathedral.

Burwell has an excellent museum and windmill.

See http://www.burwell.co.uk/ .