Weather, is a major factor in the design construction and running of any building structure, from the humble shed through to palaces and large multistory high rise sky scrapers.

Weather can destroy a building in one simple moment of time, it can even wipe out an entire island.

So it comes as no surprise to any one connected with the construction industry when I say, learn about the weather if you wish to design, construct or maintain a building.

This lecture set is designed to introduce all the major players, starting with the sun and finishing with the sun, but in between looking at the wind, rain, and water.

Decoding the weather machine

This going to be the ultimate guide to whats now commonly called the Weather machine after the film 'Decoding the weather machine'. It's going to be a long haul to build this up so please be patient as I add data and links.

The Universe

This might seem a little strange, to start a lecture set by looking at the way the Universe works, but stay with me, its the basis of all weather

Global Weather Patterns

The earth spins, and this spin together with our orbit and tilt make the global weather, this needs to be understood if your going to make any sence of the weather effecting your design

What is the Weather

So can we now say what the weather realy is, a complex linking of events, and effects that alters in so many ways, they say its called the butterfly effect, one small event can cause a storm half way round the world. This is a work in progress, I'll add to it as I can

General Effects of Weather on construction

The effect of the weather on a site can easily delay any construction for weeks, sometimes months, good planning, and detailing, can make all the difference

Impact of Weather

This slide set takes over from the previous slide set and builds a bigger picture of the effect of weather on both the site and building

Digital Weather

For a long time, the weather has been recorded in minute detail, on recent years this have been done not on paper, but digitaly, pulling this information as a speciific resource for a particular site, again increases your understanding of the effects of weather, not just as a forcast, but minute by minute as we tap into electronic weather data centers.

The effects the Weather has on your detail

Get the detail wrong, ot ignor the effects of weather will destroy a detail, understand weather when detailing, take a look at older buildings, did they get it right,


Rain is complex, it can vary in so many ways, speed, size temp orientation content, this slide set takes a look at this complex part of the global weather

Weather Proofing
Rainwater Detailing

This slide set carries on from the previous slide set on detailing and looks at rainwater and its effect on detailing

Water Tables

Water has to go somewhere, in this slide set I take a look at water tables, how and why they are tested for, in the next slide set, I look at this subject in more detail

Groundwater or Water Table

We now can test for a water table by using a simple trial hole, this slide set takes it a lot further looking at the water table how it works and the effects on a site and how to deal with it


As we become more sustainable in our use of materials we now realise the value of water, in this lecture I startto look at ways to reuse water, and prevent mass flooding by holding ontp water within the site, slowly releasing it.

Also with this lecture, my show notes from the podcast

Podcast Shownotes - 13- SUDS
The Met Office

The Met office is the UK go to source for weather forcasting and more important to us, past data


Wind is the next part of the weather cycle, its effect on and design and how it combines with and drives so much of the glogal weather, its a work in progress so hold on whilst I pull it together.


The sun is the third partner in the overall weathering of any building yet it also the driver of our weather, so to finish this lecture set we must review its position in our detailing, and understand how we might respects its power and detail accordingly.

Again this is a complex subject, so hold in whilst I add notes and concepts and source pictures, this will be a work in progress for some time.

The Moon

If there is one object that has a such a massive effect on this planets weather then its the moon. In this slide set I'll look at this roch that orbits our planet and tell its story.