Data in all it's Glory

In this lecture set I will start to look at the use of Data its relevance to Architecture, how it might be generated, used, and how we must protect it

What is Data

In this lecture I set the scene, just what data is and its relationship to just about everything digital.

Its like so many slides is this series its ongoing, so it lit looks unfinished, then it is, I will add as I can,,,,, Patience

Konstrukshon Use of CAD 2D - 3D and Data

This slide set is meant to show the use of 2D and 3D CASD, using data within both CAD formats

Data Governance

In this folder I look at data, all sorts of data, how to generate, store and use data, plus Data Governance

Structured V’s Unstructured Data

With the almost unstopable use of Sensors and the Internet of Things becoming so wide spread, the question of data structure will need to be looked at, CAD in general uses very structured data, but the world outside is very much unstructured, this lecture takes a look at this problem

QR Codes

QR codes offer a unique way of controling data output in a visual format that is now easy to read, combined with the large amount of data a single QR code picture can hold.

Grabbing live Website data into your Google Spreadsheet

Adding data into an existing spreadsheet from an external file is now easy, but this method allows that data to be kept uptodate, its an interesting method, but as yet no means to do this in a CAD internal spreadsheet.

Visual Programing Language

Its not new, this style or method of programing has been around for some time, but its introduction into CAD is relatively new, Autocad has Dynamo a stand alone program, where as Vectorworks offering is internal.

You might say its not data, well your right, but this type of interface offers a very easy way to use data to not only draw but manipulate data from many sources

I am adding to this section and its in the process of a lot of updates

Statistical Analysis

Some data needs careful siving and comparison with other data, R is how its done

Data Storage

I have included this slide set here because its all part of the same thing, but I have made its own page where I will expand this subject