Within this lecture set, I outline the need for safe working on site, and the planning and detailing that's required. I also look at the law in respect of clients types and their responsibility, together with your own responsibility as the principle Designer

CDM lecture 1st year
2015 CDM Regs
Asbestos in the Construction Industry

No longer used in the manufactire of building materials, but its presence in older buildings is so important to understand, this lecture looks at Asbestos and how we can recognise it, and deal with it, plus takes a look at the law and the reporting each building owner must produce

CDM Overview
Desk Top Survey

This lecture looks at the importance of gathering data on a projects before attending the site,

What is a risk
Design Criteria and Risk Assesment

In this lecture we look at the hazards of a site, what we need to look for and understand

Impact of Weather

Without weather detailing would be simple, but we live on a planet thats all about the weather, we choose materials that can resist it and we aligne them to help prevent affecting the building and its occupants, this lecture helps to understand all of this

Digital Weather

What is the weather, what drives it and how is it part of the life cycle of planet earth