Walter Segal

I first met this method of design early in the 1980's, and became hooked on its simplisity, its simple use of materials and scheduling. This page is a collection of my notes, research and reading materials

A great introduction into the building methods of Walter Segal, and the small development in London called Walters Way

An old news real type documentry of Walter Segals house

I purchased this book recently, so it was a joy to see this video

A small model I made up in Sketchup to show the foundations and basic construction methods of Walter Segals House type

Grand Designs S01E03 Hedgehog 1

Grand Designs S01E03 Hedgehog 2

Grand Designs S01E03 Hedgehog 3

Grand Designs S01E03 Hedgehog 4

I got involved with the Centre for Alternative Technology very early on in my career, and was involved with the original construction of a Walter Segal house.

Interesting links

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Celebration of Walter Segal

Walter Segal bibliography

AA Library Selective Bibliography

AJ Article I purchased this so long ago and kept it, simply because its so good, sadley its out of print now . I hope the AJ does not mind but its all for education and research