Sketchup Layout

This video takes the finished model from the main Sketchup file and pulls it into a new file called layout and uses the Scenes tabs to make view-ports to the correct scale and on a correct size of paper, with a title block

Title Block Creation

This video carries on from the layout video to show how to create a new title block template and install it on every new page created with auto number and sheet title.

Sketchup eternal references

The ability to reference an external file allows other people to contribute to a master drawing, this show video show ho it is done.

Section Planes

Section planes are so easy to create, and use, this little slide presentation uses a simple video to show how, its not the only way to create section, the Position Camera tool is also usefull, but needs to be saves as a scene, as one altered there is no saved section unlike in the section plane tool

Sketchup Styles

Styles are a great way to add to an elevation , plan or section, but they need to be understood, and its best to create them in sketchup modeler, as they can not be created in Layout,

Detailing in Sketchup

Detailing in any CAD program is important and Sketchup provides some great ways to show not only the detail in 3D, but with mutiple sections within one 3D detail, something most other programs can not do

Using Section planes and groups to make an Animation

As it says, this slide set shows just how to do it

Sketchup & BIM

Sketchup is not reknown for its BIM side, but its growing

Drawing Terrain and Landscapes

An important part of site creation this video set show how to add

A very nice way to add depth to an elevation by fogging the back of an elevation



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