As a Technologist I have detailed fpr most of my life, taking matereials and fitting them together, and communication the detail to others in the team.

This section takes at look at detailing in all its glory, woh, why and when the pieces fit together, I will also tak a look at the law, and some if not all of the approval system we as technologists have to be aware of.

The Art of detailing Look at the old before you detail

If a material or detail has lasted through time, why reinvent the detail, copy it, ok some of the materials have changed, but the detail works

Interpret Graphical Drawings, Details, Schedules & Specifications

How we view and see detail, the data, specification the relationship of materials, how we count and list

Building Regs Overview

A global overview of the building regulations, the various ways the regs are used, and a little look at the global use of building regulations

The Building Regulation in detailing

In this look at the building regs we will delve into the law, the detailing in detai, (pun intended ) and discus why

Agrement Certification

A manufacturors control system, or proof that as manufacturers materials are fit for perpose.

Your Little Blue Book

In this set, I show the need to collect details, you see, or even prepair, the ways we can store them and use over and over again

A book list for the Architectural Technologist

Do not think you know everything, or can remember every detail you have ever seen, I and a lot of my colleagues collect construction books, this is my thoughts of some of the books I have and perhaps would like in the future

Impact of Weather

Just how important is understanding the impact of weather on your site, have you accounted for it in the design and gant chart

The effects the Weather has on your detail

Detailing is all about understanding what element your trying to stop entering the building


Doors form a fundimental part of any design, thay mke such a statement, and perform a mutitude of functions, this slide set aims to introduce the student to the subject and rain their awarness to its use, and detailing


This lecture set on Rain is currently being updated and added to so watch as I add slides, if you see something I should add, let me know

Rain can destroy a building if not correctly detail for, in the way a building defends itself,

Drip Details

Water will flow it can clig to surfaces, travel along small gaps and cause havoc, this lecture set loots at one aspect of trying to control this with a good understanding of drips


As I expand on this topic I will look at all uses of brickwork, old and new, so hold on whist I add to the lecture, it going to be be several slide sets its such a big topic

Brickwork Cavity

In this slide st, I explore the use of Cavity brickwork, and its modern day use, plus how it has to integrate into the older solid brick walls


Some building do not have windos, but most do, this slide set looks at their use and methods of detailing

Robust Details

Sound is so often overlooked in Architecture, yet its is one of the major complaints in hotels, flats and housing in general,

Expansion Joints

In this slide set, I look at the way we deal with materials that need to move, and the differing movement rate and the reasons why. In the following slide set on the use of Silicone, I look at its use to overcome some of the bad practice in applying this material

Silicone detailing

Silicon, is the worst of all materials, yet used correctly it can ease a problem, This slide set looks at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly and ways to use it correctly. Plus do you realy need to use it, is there a better way.

Using Detail Paper
Hand Sketching Details