In this series of slides and lecture notes I take a look at the world of older materials, construction techniques and the Architecte of the time.

BIM & Heritage

An overview of Bim and its use on heritage materials

Drivers to encourage uptake of HBIM

When a client takes over a building, particularly one thats been around for more than 50 -60 years they are not buying a property, they are buying the right to maintain it

Heritage Project Photos

Heritage Project Photos

Conservation Principles

In this collection ofl slide sets, I intend to outline the major materials used in many heritage projects there manufacture, use, detailing and how they might have survived for 100 years of so.

Heritage Material Manufacture

Without an understanding of older manufacturing techniques, conservation of older buildings may sadly go wrong

Conservation Principles

This first lecture looks at the type of brickwork to be found on many a heritage project, how to survey it, record it, repair and worst of all, add to or bond to it.

Its still in production so hang in and watch as I add material

Somerset House Client Brief

A simple overview of Somerset House as a project for Birmingham City University third year Architectural Technologists to survey and add to the current 3D drawing of Somerset House.