This section of my site tries to cover Data, as it applies to all aspects of our industry, but the subject is vast becoming far to big and complext, so I have desided to cover it in three distict areas, General use of Data, and Smart cities and this site my general lecture repository.

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The Great Library Of Alexandria

We start this subject looking at Data from afar. All objects, not just CAD drawings or text offer us data and we start off the subject looking at the original library and how it inspired so many to collect the worlds data ending in Googles efforts in their Google Books project, and all the other digital libraries.

This slide set is current.y under construction and research,

An Introduction to BIM

An intro into BIM, its use and imput into Revit, Autocad and Vectorworks

What is Data is it BIM

This slide set compares Data and BIM, there is a difference

An introduction to CAD with a little BIM

Taking the BIM into CAD, more of the same but viewed a little different

BIM The Overview

A little old, but it is a good overview of the whole BIM and related professions