Digital Design & it's Integration

The files below are to help students look at and understand the evolving CAD market, the way Data is added and handled, and the tools we might use in analysing the data, singularly or combined within a computer progran like CAD or a spreadsheet

Integrated Digital Design

This first slide set outlines the subject base, its not a whole story, just a route map, looking at just some of the subjects and possible paths we might take when we discus data in association with the AEC industry.

Digital Execution Plan

Its not so much a plan more a statement of how and what will be used on any project from software, to storage

IFC data export and compatability

Programs rarley talk to each other, IFC is supposed to be the common format, the Babel Tower of CAD

BIM & Heritage

This slide set is there to remind us of the vast difference between old and new products,

Revit Vs Autocad Categories Vs Layers

A review slide set of the difference between Revit andAutocad in ihe use of Layering in Autocad V's Revits approach of Family

Digital Weather

This slide set introduces the concept of external Data, in thiscase the use of Met office weather data

Printing and Paper Space & Title Block

Until we fully use the 3D model, we need to use paper or electronic paper, this slide set looks at paper size

The Federated Model

When a digital model is properly done, comparison are easy to do, this slide set reviews this with Navisworks

Design & Access Statement

The design and access statement is a legal requirement for any planning application, as such its a usefull tool to expand on the digital plan, and show how the data embeded into the model could be used

Collective or Collaborative BIM

Storage is an intergasl part of any design office, this slide set looks at what to use and how it might be incorporated into the digital plan

BIM 360 Glue

The area of online stirage and its evolvment into online programs evolves, this slide set will help to understand this growing area, its always going to be under review, the pace of change is almost daily

Understanding the specification before applying it to the model

Specificastion generation is changing with the introduction of BIM but the need to understand the materials used and the correct way to add it to the model will be covered here.

Agrement Certification

The agrement certificate is fundemental to any specification, and a very useful tool in developing a specification thats compliant with the Building Regulations


Once the data is embeded into the model, we need an easy way to extract it so contractors and the like can inspect and order materials, the Schedule tool in Revit is the best and easiest way to do this.

Cobie Files & Specification

Cobie Files are the approved way to export Schedules, I woud like to say they are well used, but they are not, but we need to study them.

Space Planning For FM

Maping areas is a task thats required for almost any large project so areas or rooms may be allocated or areas measured easily, Revit has a very useful tool to do this.

The Future of BIM and Data in FM

Its inevitable that BIM and data will survive, but there will always be barriers and opposition, this slide set takes a look at this

Photos & Photogrammetry

Data is everwere, this slide set takes a look ar photos and we see how much data is captured or could be captured