The Smart City Lectures

The lectures on this page should be read and used in conjunction with my web site devoted to this subject that contains a lot more than I can add into a lecture

Smart Cities

My Website contains a lot more information, on The Smart Cities of the world, these lectures pick out specific items .

This is a work in progress, as OI add the basics of the Smart City.

The Internet In 30 years time

This is a lecture I give to students who are looking to write a report on the next 30 years of internet use. Its an important lecture as what ever they find, one thing is certain, the internet will influence the way we work, share and design, plus it will change. I talk a lot about most aspects, but the key, I think, is Data Legacy, will we be able to read the information we generate today is 30 years time.

This lecture has small videos attached to each slide, they are intended to supliment the slide in place of my usual lecture, which because of the lockdown, I can't give.