The power of Shadow

Shadow is everything to Architecture, from simple colour, to the look and feel of a material, to the micro-climate produced by the shaded area. In this lecture set I look at the makeup of shadow, ,and its effects.

The lecture here is more of an overview, but in the other lecture slides I take a more detailed look at specifics

A new feature I am looking at is some form of Lesson Plan.

Shadow Lesson Plan

The Universe

The Creation of shadow by both the sun and the moon should not be overslloed in the study of shadow in detailing

This slide set covers a lot the things you need to understand in the way sun creats shadow, the tilt, the seasons created by the earths orbit.

Shadow & CAD

In this lecture set I look at the way we use CAD to experiment with shape, orientation, and materials.

The Shadow & Detailing

Using shadow as part of detailing is a very powerful tool. It enables the detailer to change, hide and even manipulate a detail to provide enhanced qualities of not only the collection or assembly of materials, but hide undulations, cracks from incompatable materials.

In this set I will try to show how this works and some of the trics available to the Technologist

This slide set is still under construction, so hang in there whilst I finish it.

Sun Dials

Time and shadow have been understood for centuries, in this slide set I set out just some of the ways this has been used in telling not only the time but the seasons in general