Point Cloud BLK360

Simple intro in using the BLK 360 with just a Laptop it requires the BLK manager

Scanning a simple apartment with Leica's BLK360 laser scanner. In this video the presenter is using the BLK Data Manager, which is a free tool that you can use to change the scan settings and export the scans.

So far there is no Android or Chrome version, so only for the iPad and it seems for Windows mobile via a laptop that can pick up the BLK360's wifi signal.

You can download the BLK Data Manager here: https://goo.gl/C1ABqk

BLK360 information: https://goo.gl/gn1DK5

BLK360 Online Store: https://goo.gl/3PHUa7

Andy Fontana Youtube site with all his BLK 360 Videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXcF1y7cS0r_GoGSh2AFa2w

Useful little video introducing the BLK 360

Not a bad intro into using the BLK 360

Next in the series and looks at importing onto your desk top