Photography & Data

Digital photography is becoming a mainstay of the construction industry from simple mobile photos to the more complex satellite photos now available on a lot of web sites, These slides will help to understand their use and importance to our industry.

Photos & Photogrammetry

Even a simple photo taken with your mobile can be a valuable source of data to any technologist, from brick coursing to colour and texture

Recap Pro & Photogrammetry

Some very powerful photo editing software is available, Recap pro is specifically for the Technologist, in that it allows 3D models to be created from a photo collection of an object, external elevation and internal view

I have added this single video to expand the knowledge of how google earth is created, with satalites for the plan view and planes to vreate the 3D image with photogrametry

Photography Earth Satellite

Satellite Photos give us a rich source of information on a particular area from google Earth to specific satellite photos we can gain a lot of useful information, this lecture looks a just a little of it with some very useful resources

Photo Storage

An ongoing look at photo storage, hold on whilst I research the subject and add complete the slides set