Book & Magazine List

Over the years, I have collected a series of construction books, some were from my days at college, some I collected after college as I worked in a variety of practices and companies. All are useful, some more than others, most were found in old secondhand book shops, most were very cheap, but above all they are extremely useful.

To help, I have created a dedicated Scays book store to help you find good just published construction books, I also plan to add a dedicated older book store to help keep the books I used in circulation, more on that later, but for now the New Book Store is live I will add books ASAP.

A book list for the Architectural Technologist

I went through college with the two books below

Personal books Paper

I buy and read a lot of books, most I send to the charity shops after I read them, but some I keep, they are good reference books or one's I think I might want to read again.

I get a load of different magazines in the post and as email attachments the list below is going to grow over time as different magazines cone in:

Construction Magazine List
Blogs & E-news

I get lots of interesting notes and articles via a series of blogs and Email news letters, they are always free, and often are very interesting on a range of subjects.

As always I will add when news links cone through, get fed up with them, just cancel.