Leadership Journey

Leadership Training Available to All CDOT Employees

The Leadership Journey helps you develop your leadership skills and style, to make you the best leader you can be. Any CDOT employee can take any Leadership Journey prerequisite or course.

Class Schedule

This is the schedule on this page is for reference only. You must register for these classes in the LMS.

You MUST Register for These Classes in the LMS

  1. Log into the SAP LMS. (Interns/temps: SAP Portal > Employee Self-Service > Learning - Temporary Employees.)

  2. Under Find Learning, search for a course by name.

  3. Next to a course, click See Offerings > Register Now.

  4. Your supervisor must approve in the LMS (here's how).

NOTE: You don't get a seat until you're approved.

Course Descriptions

Leadership Journey

How to Complete Your Leadership Journey

  • Take any prerequisite in any order at any time.

  • Complete prerequisites before you take the associated Leadership Journey class.

  • You must take Leadership Journey classes in order — 1, 2 then 3!

  • It's a marathon, not a sprint. You need time to apply new knowledge and skills.

Image description: Flowchart of Leadership Journey shows prerequisites for each component. Accessible information is provided below.

Leadership Journey FAQs

Why is the Leadership Journey critical?

Many of us work high-risk jobs. Working well together is critical. We need to get along, have each others' backs and feel comfortable calling out safety risks. Good interpersonal and leadership skills are fundamental in transportation and contribute directly to the safety of all our staff.

Who can complete the Leadership Journey?

The program is open to all CDOT employees.

What is CDOT's leadership philosophy?

CDOT sees all employees, not just supervisors, as leaders. Leadership is about working better together to achieve goals. In transportation, leadership at all levels can be the make or break element for working together effectively and safely.

What do you learn in Leadership Journey?

You learn how to lead yourself, lead in teams and lead through challenge. You learn knowledge, skills and tools to help you be a better leader and team member in all aspects of your job.

How can Leadership Journey help me?

The Leadership Journey helps you to be a better leader, team member, coach and mentor. It helps you deal with difficult situations better. Participation is not a guarantee or promise of promotion or career advancement. Participants find the program helps them to be more effective in all aspects of work.


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