TABLETS OF KHAZADGUND ~ISSUE 8 - 12.798 D.R.A New Tomorrow!

The brave dwarrows of Durin's Folk have beaten back the evil shadow from the East as it stood before their very doors. With their stout spirit the Ereborian Longbeards have turned the war for the good of all free peoples. A new King takes the place of his father, the legend of the Red Axe forever in our hearts, while a new moon rises with a promise of prosperity.

Yet as pure hope fills our hearts we hear the tale of the doom of Balin's colony and those that went after to Khazad-dûm, a lesson that we must ever be vigilant and crush any evils that may arise to fill the void of their former master.

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Read the latest Dwarrow news (Nargalabî Khazâd) from the Iron Hills (and beyond in the East) to the Blue Mountains in the West and every hall in between.

Trade is the lifeblood of the Dwarves. Read the latest trade journals and trade reports and give yourself an advantage over your trading partners.

In this months trade section:

Hope to be Found as Trade Collapses

The Khazadgund Board provides all dwarrow with the chance to post notices they believe are of value to for others. Don't miss out... read the latest board posts.

Some dwarves might favor their handywork over a wife, but all dwarves appreciate a good meal. Our Recipes section will provide you with delicious traditional dishes from all seven clans.

A time comes for every dwarf when Mahal calls him to the Halls of Waiting. The "Entombments"-section will provide news from all Halls of such sad yet honored passings.

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Some have claimed that Dwarves are grasping and ungracious.. Unwilling or unable to appreciate the finer things in life such as art. Well, to those we gladly give you, for your viewing pleasure, our "Arts"-section. May all find joy in the skills of the dwarves in their arts.


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