Digital Classroom / Blog / Internet Usage Policy

Mr. Langley's Room / Blog / Internet Usage Policy

In addition to the Pleasant Plains High School "Acceptable Use of Computers" policy (Student Handbook), students are also expected to adhere to the following policies:
  • This website and the student blogs are an extension of the classroom: all rules and regulations related to technology usage, appropriate behavior, classroom rules, and Pleasant Plains High School Handbook rules apply. The Student Rules and Regulations section of the Handbook will apply to this website.
  • Students are expected to use school appropriate language when writing their blog entries as well as when commenting on another student's blog entry or when leaving comments on Mr. Langley's Room site.
  • For safety purposes, students are to refrain from posting anything that refers to their last names, phone numbers, or street addresses.
  • Students are expected to maintain a professional blog.  Comments to blogs should be in reference to the writing.  Any comments that are of a personal nature (not pertaining to the blog entry) should be deleted on a regular basis.
  • Students are expected to maintain respect when leaving comments on other students' blogs when leaving comments on Mr. Langley's Room site.  Constructive criticism is welcomed, but bullying and/or spiteful comments are unacceptable.