Scene Assignment


Scene assignment - 100 points


Objective:  Take photos of various objects and incorporate them into a scene using your photo editing skills.



1.      Take at least six individual photos of objects using a digital camera (not a camera phone – the resolution is not high enough).

2.      Take a quality photo of a scene background for your objects.

3.      Upload the photos to the My Pictures folder of the computer you are working on.

4.      Use Adobe Photoshop to design a scene including all individual images in a creative and logical way.  Be sure to save your work as a Photoshop .psd file to maintain the layers.

5.      Save the final product as a .jpg in the My Pictures folder and email the .jpg to

The project will be scored based on the following:

1.      Quality of the individual photos (50 points)

2.      Quality and creativity of the final product (50 points)