Kaiser Wellness Center Statement:

      Welcome to the Kaiser Wellness Center!! We are excited that you chose to visit our site to improve the overall quality of your lifestyle. The main focus of this site is to educate the community on sustainable living.  We aim to participate in dialogue between the community and us.  You might ask, how is this exactly achieved?  

    The authors will provide personal growth information regarding progress on their personal lifestyle improvements through "blogs", literature article review/interpretation, etc--on issues that will make a better lifestyle more easily attainable and manageable.  We are all "real" people living normal lifestyles and have struggles/improvements to share to inspire you to educate yourself on improving your lifestyle at your own pace.  At first sight, there might be no immediate connections to the topics on the "sidebar", but overtime the connections will be made through dialogue with the constructive criticism of our viewers and contributors.    

    Check out the links/information that might be relevant to your change in lifestyle. There are an array of links, which offer an education that spans a distribution of topics from Metabolic Chemistry to fields such as Nanotechnology. Aside from offering our informational services, we also offer a consultation service in all of our fields. Please, feel free to peruse our website and choose to learn from any of our informative links. Thank you for visiting the site, we hope that your life has improved simply by this viewing experience. Have a great day!! 

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