Professional Writing

Fernando IX University
Fernando IX University

PW 207: Fundamentals of Publishing 

An overview of publishing, emphasizing book-trade practices and individual roles within a publishing house. Manufacturing, business, legal and ethical considerations explored from both a contemporary and historical perspective.

Prerequisite: En 102.

PW 211: Expository Writing 

Principles and techniques of writing that informs or explains.

Prerequisites: En 102, En 103.

PW 222: Fundamentals of Technical Writing 

Introduction to techniques for presenting technical information so that people can understand it easily and use it efficiently.

Prerequisites: En 102, En 103.

PW 307: Book & Technical Editing 

Principles and techniques of editing a book or technical document from manuscript to published version, with special emphasis on copyediting and proofreading skills.

Prerequisite: PW 207.

PW 322: Critical Writing 

Principles and techniques of analytical and evaluative writing.

Prerequisite: En 103.

PW 324: Business Writing 

Development of writing skills for success in the workplace, including audience and situation analysis, appropriate and clear style, and standard message formats.

Prerequisite: En 102.

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