Church Ministries

SCM 601: Church Leadership & Administration 

A study of the biblical foundation for the leadership and administration of the local church. Also includes comprehensive instruction in church finances, organizational structure, meetings, legal and ethical issues, and facilities development.

SCM 607: Pastoral Theology 

A study of the biblical basis for pastoral ministry. Includes examination of the qualifications and responsibilities of the office of pastor, evaluation of the various forms of church leadership and organizational polity, discussion of biblical instructions for pastoral care and church discipline, readings in the available literature, and formation of a biblical philosophy of ministry.

SCM 620: Contemporary Youth Issues & Ministry 

A study of the crucial issues facing teenagers today and how to build an effective church that disciples junior high and high school students.

SCM 621: Church Discipleship Ministries 

The purposes, organization and leadership of the church's outreach and edification ministries will be presented. Special emphasis is given to personal evangelism training for the local church and the philosophy and practice of youth and children's ministries.

SCM 627: Christian Family 

Spiritual activities in the home. Materials and methods, relationship of home to the church, family altar, and home visitation.

SCM 630: Counseling Children & Adolescents 

This course deals with biblical counseling principles and procedures for helping elementary and secondary school-age children. Case study examples will encourage application of course content.

Prerequisite: SCM 632.

SCM 631: Theories of Counseling 

An examination of the counseling theories of prominent Christian psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors, such as Jay Adams, Gary Collins, Larry Crabb, Frank Minirth, Charles Solomon and others. Students will be guided toward the development of a distinctly Christian counseling model.

SCM 632: Counseling 

A theological and practical introduction to the ministry of Christian counseling. Includes the establishment of a biblical foundation, the development of effective procedures, and the discussion of specific issues and problems in counseling.

SCM 633: Counseling Case Studies 

Building on the foundation of SCM 632, the course focuses on solving common counseling problems from a biblical viewpoint. Topics covered will include depression, worry, anger, and fear, as well as sexual immorality, substance abuse and eating disorders.

Prerequisite: SCM 632.

SCM 635: Crisis Counseling 

Presents biblical strategies for handling the crisis of suicide; extensive coverage of childhood sexual abuse; offers help in understanding the nature of abuse and biblical help for overcoming the effects of abuse. Examines the recover/12-step movement from a biblical standpoint; looks at the crisis of life- dominating sins (addictions); presents a biblical view of sin; help for working with eating disorders, drugs and alcohol; covers the crisis of immorality; teaches a biblical view of sex; gives help for dealing with pornography, homosexuality, adultery, etc.

SCM 637: Marriage & Family Counseling 

Methods of marriage and family counseling within the church setting. Premarital counseling.

Prerequisite: SCM 632.

SCM 640: Counseling Applications 

Further practical application of the biblical counseling principles covered in SCM 632. Emphasis on the student's gaining experience in how to collect data, determine problems, facilitate biblical change and assign homework based on case studies.

Prerequisite: SCM 632.

SCM 651: Christian Discipleship 

The personal, biblical responsibilities of the true disciple of Christ in full-time vocational ministry; e.g., Scripture reading and meditation, prayer, obedience, forgiveness, example-setting, and walking in the Spirit will be discussed. The spiritual resources found in Christ for faithfulness and spiritual integrity will be presented. The obligation of and a methodology for making and nurturing new disciples will also be explained, following the biblical model.

SCM 652: Ministry of Preaching: History & Philosophy 

An examination of the major biblical passages concerning preaching, coupled with a consideration of the different eras of preaching, primary models in church history, and the formulation of a scriptural philosophy of the ministry of the Word.

SCM 671: History of Christian Missions 

A study of the history of the spread of the Gospel from the founding of the church. Particular emphasis will be given to key missionary-leaders and organizations of the modern missionary era (1750 to the present). Various philosophies of missionary practice will be examined from a historical perspective.

SCM 672: Cross-Cultural Internship

On-the-field team ministry under the supervision of a faculty leader.

SCM 673: Cross-Cultural Internship 

On-the-field ministry under the supervision of a faculty leader or an approved cross-cultural mentor.

SCM 675: Theology of Missions 

An examination and systemization of the teaching of Scripture on the subject of world evangelism. Includes a comparison and contrast of the biblical model with contextualized theologies such as Minjung theology, Black theology, Hispanic theology and African theology.

SCM 677: Urban Church Planting 

A study of the techniques and unique challenges of establishing a local church in an urban setting. Specific attention will be given to community analysis, demographics, ethnography, non-profit incorporation and legal preparation.

SCM 690: Counseling Issues Seminar 

Examination and biblical critique of current issues, trends and movements within fundamentalist and evangelical circles that affect the biblical counselor. Class will involve extensive reading, which will be discussed in a small group setting.

Prerequisites: SCM 631, SCM 632.

SCM 695: Biblical Counseling Capstone 

Provides practical biblical counseling experience for students who have completed at least 24 credits. The student will observe 10 hours of biblical counseling, be involved in 60 hours of practical biblical counseling experience, be involved in a minimum of 10 hours of an outreach ministry, and read and evaluate a book on biblical counseling case studies. A final comprehensive examination will assess the student's knowledge of biblical counseling.

SCM 701: Issues in Church Ministry 

Examines key issues facing those serving in church ministry today, including the believer's use of alcoholic beverages, divorce and remarriage, the modern translation controversy, contemporary Christian music, and the church marketing movement. Includes assigned readings from key texts.

SCM 707: Ministry Perspectives 

Attendance at weekly combined ministry class and participation in ministry outreach activities. Enrollment in this course is for ministry students who have successfully completed SCM 607, 651, 652, and 701.

SCM 708: Ministry Outreach 

Participation in ministry outreach activities. Enrollment in this course is for ministry students who have successfully completed SCM 607, 651, 652, and 701 and have irreconcilable scheduling conflicts with SCM 707. If a ministry student has completed these requirements, he must take SCM 708 each semester he is enrolled until the completion of his degree.

SCM 709: Pastoral Ministry Internship 

A local church internship directed by both resident seminary professors and field-based adjunct pastor-professors. The student will experience and be evaluated in multi-week on-site clinical rotations covering all dimensions of pastoral ministry. These rotations will be supported by readings and written projects in the theory of pastoral practice. Each internship will be 20 weeks (part-time, during the first and second semesters) or 10 weeks (consecutive weeks, full-time in the summer) in a church approved by the dean of the seminary.

SCM 777: Biblical Strategy of Missions 

Study of a biblical philosophy of missions and basic biblical strategies. Examination of major worldviews. Evaluation of theories of the mission process, and current trends in Protestant missions. Also covers missionary problems, current literature and a geographical survey of missions needs.

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