Church History

SCH 601: Church History

History of the professing Christian Church from the apostolic age through medieval times.

SCH 602: Church History 

History of the professing Christian Church from the Reformation to the present.

SCH 603: History of Christian Missions 

A study of the history of the spread of the Gospel from the founding of the church. Particular emphasis will be given to key missionary-leaders and organizations of the modern missionary era (1750 to the present). Various philosophies of missionary practice will be examined from a historical perspective.

SCH 650: American Church History 

History of the Christian Church in America from its European origins to the present: colonial beginnings, Puritanism, revivalism, the church and the Revolution, religious liberty, the church and slavery, sectionalism, denominationalism, and recent tendencies.

SCH 689: European Studies: Early Modern Era 

Combination of travel and lectures in Europe and Asia Minor. Visits and discussions related to men, movements, and sites of Protestant, Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic history.

SCH 697: Holy Land Studies 

An in-depth study tour of Bible lands, visiting the sites of the major events of the Old and New Testaments. Course requirements include assigned reading and papers.

SCH 698: Journeys of Paul 

A study tour focusing on many sites of the missionary travels of the Apostle Paul, including Asia Minor, Greece and Rome. Course requirements include assigned readings and papers.

SCH 752: Baptist History 

The origins, church polity, significant contributions, distinctive doctrines and significant leaders of the Baptists.

SCH 871: Historical Theology 

An historical study of the development in the understanding and expression of Christian doctrines in ancient and medieval times. Special attention is given to leaders of theological thought, philosophical backgrounds in the history of dogma, and the creeds of Christendom.

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