Business Administration

BA 101: Introduction to Business

This course provides an introduction to the important issues and problems encountered in the establishment and operation of a business (particularly small businesses). The subject material will be presented from the perspective of applying biblical principles and stewardship in the business world.

BA 109: Business Spreadsheet Analysis  

An in-depth hands-on investigation of spreadsheet technology used in typical business applications. Topics include fundamentals of spreadsheet operation, utilizing spreadsheets to solve quantitative problems in business, basic and advanced spreadsheet formatting techniques, creating spreadsheet reports, creating pivot tables and pivot chart reports, and solving problems using what- if analysis.

BA 210: Global Business  

An examination of the components of the global environment which a manager must face. These components include the effects of socioeconomic and financial differences, the disparity of environmental and infrastructure conditions, and the importance of variations. Also addressed are cultural attitudes toward labor and competition.

BA 215: Introduction to Human Resources Management  

Introduction to the various functions of the Human Resources field. Topics include needs assessment, policies and procedures, benefits, legal issues, consulting, training, safety and performance appraisals.

BA 220: Home-Based Business Strategies 

An introductory course that focuses on home-based business opportunities, business planning, startup procedures, office setup, legal issues, marketing strategies and record keeping. Includes study of the rewards and challenges of running a home-based business or telecommuting from home.

BA 301: Legal Environment & Ethics of Business  

Background of the American legal system and its Constitutional foundation; public crimes and private torts, contract law, the uniform Commercial code; negotiable instruments; debtor-creditor relationship, ethical systems underlying government and business behaviors; business organizational forms; government regulation of business; property law; and Cyberlaw. Business ethics examined for all subjects treated. Prerequisites: BA 101 or Ac 203 Prerequisite.

BA 303: Principles of Management  

An introduction to the management functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, and their application to the changing world of business. Particular emphasis is placed on process-centered operations and continuous quality management, toward a goal of total business effectiveness. Prerequisites: BA 101 or Ac 203 Prerequisite.

BA 311: Compensation & Benefits  

Emphasis on both new and established approaches to employee compensation and benefits. Views compensation from a strategic perspective to help organizations achieve and maintain competitive advantage. Topics include job analysis and evaluation, design of pay levels and structures, different types of pay plans, and the role and scope of employee benefits. Prerequisite: BA 215.

BA 325: Managerial & Interpersonal Behavior  

A study of the supervisory aspects of the administrative environment with an emphasis on leadership, problem solving, team building, communication, process and quality management, and personnel management. Prerequisites: BA 101, BA 215.

BA 330: Supply Chain Management  

An introduction to the management of the flow of goods and services in organizations. Specifically examined will be customer service, logistics information systems, inventory and materials management, transportation, warehousing and distribution, material handling and packaging, procurement, supply chain management and e-commerce. Prerequisites: BA 101 or Ac 203 Prerequisite.

BA 404: Business Statistics  

A computer-based statistics course with a business emphasis on application and decision making. Topics include sampling theory, hypothesis testing, regression and statistical process control. Prerequisite: Ac 204.

BA 406: Entrepreneurship  

The course focuses on how to take an idea for a small business and develop a business plan. Topics include the role of small business in the economy; industry, target market and competitive analysis; application of funds; and development of supporting data. Prerequisite: Ac 204.

BA 409: Training Methods  

Overview of training methodologies in the business environment. Includes field trips, observations, demonstrations, development of materials, and supervised in-class training. Prerequisite: BA 215.

BA 415: Employment Selection & Placement  

An in-depth study of interview techniques, employee recruitment, and selection and retention, with a basis in current laws and regulations.

BA 418: Management Policies  

A study of comprehensive case studies, readings, and industry simulations for implementing strategic plans, as well as internal and external analysis of operations with attention to effective competitive strategies for firms under domestic and global uncertainty.

BA 430: Human Resources Measurement & Metrics  

A study of various methods of acquiring and analyzing organizational data essential to making strategic HR decisions. Topics include popular software platforms, data collection, and data analysis to support the development of practical business solutions. Prerequisite: BA 404.

BA 452: Business Internship   

A part-time professional work experience of 120 hours. General readings and reports on internships. Not applicable toward a major or minor.

BA 453: Advanced Business Internship  

A part-time professional work experience of 120 hours. Industry specific readings, reports and interviews. Not applicable toward a major or minor. Prerequisite: BA 452.

BA 470: Managing Risks & Global Pressures  

A study of the complex problems facing both small and large human resource departments. Topics include unionization and the increasing global pressure associated with finding and maintaining adequate human resources

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