Foods & Nutrition

FN 100: Career Planning in Nutrition 

An introduction to the place of nutrition within the arena of health sciences. The aim of the course is to assist students in making informed career choices which will be reflected in their selection of program elective courses.

FN 101: Basic Nutrition 

Factors affecting food consumption, energy balance, weight control, food safety; information on carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals.

FN 200: Introduction to Food 

A survey exploration of food concepts and controversies to separate scientific fact from fads and fiction. The course discusses principles of food preparation, food trends, food safety and food marketing as it relates to consumer health.

FN 260: Nutrition 

Introduction to the science of nutrition, including a study of the essential nutrients, their functions, their food sources, and their influence on growth, development, maintenance and overall human health throughout the life cycle. Includes personal application through goal setting and food intake analysis.

FN 300: Food Science 

Introduction to food and food science through the exploration of the chemical, physical and biological properties of foods. The course discusses food composition and nutritive value, food safety, food preparation, food labeling and food marketing as it relates to food production and consumer acceptability. Laboratory experiences offer the student the ability to participate in food experimentation and analysis. Lecture and lab.

Prerequisites: FN 101 or FN 260 Prerequisite, Chm 104 or Chm 105.

FN 340: Sports Nutrition 

Study of the physiological function and metabolism of nutrients during physical activity and sports training, performance and recovery. The course discusses energy balance, body composition, training, diets, ergogenic aids and dietary supplements to promote safe and effective sports performance.

Prerequisites: Bio 304 or Bio 321 Prerequisite, FN 101 or FN 260 Prerequisite.

FN 365: Nutrient Metabolism 

Advanced study of the biochemical and physiological pathways and properties of the macro- and micronutrients at the cellular level within the human body. Includes a comprehensive investigation of the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, vitamins and minerals with application of current research to trends and issues in nutrition.

Prerequisites: Bio 304 or Bio 321 Prerequisite, FN 101 or FN 260 Prerequisite, Chm 106 or Chm 206 Prerequisite.

FN 380: Nutrition & Disease 

Application of nutrition science to the prevention and management of chronic disease. Overview of nutrition assessment and intervention as it applies to chronic disease, including weight management, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Prerequisites: Bio 304 or Bio 321 Prerequisite, FN 101 or FN 260 Prerequisite.

FN 395: Food Science Lab 

Corequisite: FN 300.

FN 410: Instructional Methods in Nutrition 

Development and application of instructional strategies to meet the nutrition and education and counseling needs of diverse audiences. Includes an overview of educational counseling theory, styles, strategies, techniques and evaluation used to promote behavior change within a variety of settings.

Prerequisite: FN 380.

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