Communication Disorders

CD 103: Speech Clinic

To be elected in addition to Com 101 by students who need special help in overcoming speech difficulties.

CD 104: Speech Clinic  

To be elected in addition to Com 101 by students who need special help in overcoming speech difficulties.

CD 111: Beginning Sign Language  

This course introduces the student to the fundamental elements of American Sign Language (ASL), with attention given to various aspects of deaf culture and history. The class focuses on developing the student's receptive and expressive skills in ASL.

CD 206: Introduction to Communication Disorders  

A study of the nature, etiology and remediation of communication disorders in children and adults, including an overview of the field of speech-language pathology.

Prerequisite: Com 101.

CD 207: Anatomy of the Speech & Hearing Mechanism  

An intensive study of the anatomy and physiology of the speech and hearing mechanisms.

Prerequisite: CD 206.

CD 208: Clinical Application of Phonetics  

A study of language theory and international phonetics alphabet (IPA) transcription with application to clinical diagnosis and treatment.

Prerequisite: CD 206.

CD 302: Normal Language Development  

The language acquisition process in normal children, including the development of semantics, morphology, syntax, phonology and pragmatics; American dialects and bilingualism.

Prerequisite: CD 206.

CD 303: Articulation & Phonology  

The diagnosis and treatment of articulation problems in children and adults, including an analysis of current research in testing and therapy for articulation and phonological disorders.

Prerequisite: CD 208.

CD 304: Introduction to Audiology  

Basic anatomy and psycho physics of hearing, the pathologies of hearing loss, introduction to identification procedures including organization of hearing conservation programs and practice in pure-tone audiometry; impact of hearing loss on preschool and school-aged children; educational, psychological and medical aspects of habilitation. Also includes basic concepts of physics and math as they apply to speech, hearing and perception, and applied speech sciences.

CD 308: Diagnostic Methods in Speech-Language Pathology  

Familiarization of testing procedures, statistical terminology and diagnostic protocols. Students will conduct evaluations, write reports and recommend therapy goals for a variety of clients. Specific assessments for various disorders and cultural differences will be discussed.

CD 400: Seminar in Speech-Language Pathology  

Preparation for application to graduate school will be emphasized. Observation and clinical preparation. Medical orientation and note-taking skills will be emphasized.

CD 401: Language Disorders in Children  

An overview of normal language development with a detailed discussion of language problems experienced by learning disabled, hearing impaired, physically impaired, emotionally disabled and mentally disabled children. Emphasis is placed on etiology and identification of language disorders in preschool years through the primary elementary grades. Also includes procedures for treatment and academic scaffolding in the school setting.

Prerequisite: CD 206.

CD 402: Acquired Language Disorders  

Presents classical and contemporary theoretical constructs related to central speech and language dysfunction in adolescents and adults. Assessment and treatment of speech, language and related symptoms of organic disorders involving the central nervous system including aphasia, traumatic brain injury, dementia and dysphagia.

Prerequisites: CD 206, CD 207.

CD 403: Disorders of Voice  

Reviews the anatomy of the vocal mechanism, and acquaints the student with the symptomatology and disorder complexes related to phonation. Emphasis on approaches and methods used in the treatment of voice disorders.

Prerequisite: CD 207.

CD 404: Disorders of Fluency  

A survey of facts and theories on the nature and origin of stuttering, and a review of the principles and practices of major therapeutic strategies of disfluency.

Prerequisite: CD 206.

CD 405: Selected Topics in Speech-Language Pathology  

Current topics of interest in the field of speech-language pathology and audiology will be discussed. Includes a review and discussion of research literature and methodology and a research project.

Prerequisite: CD 206.

CD 407: Therapeutic Methods & Clinical Technology in Speech-Language Pathology  

Application of course knowledge to specific forms of intervention. Emphasis will be placed on writing therapy goals, creating lesson plans and traditional therapy methods. Students will apply mobile technology for the remediation of a variety of communication disorders including apps for language disorder, speech disorders and Augmentative and alternative Communication apps for nonverbal communicators.

CD 499: Clinical Practicum  

Supervised clinical practice in screening, diagnosis and therapy. The practicum provides 50 hours of supervised therapy experience in two settings.

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