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ID 108: Introduction to Interior Design 

Professional and personal qualifications of the interior designer. Introduction to communication methods used to produce presentation boards for clients, with emphasis on space planning, elements and principles of art, special considerations in the design field, and an overview of art and accessories for the interior space.

ID 110: Basic Residential Drafting 

The manual development of presentation drawings needed in the design and construction of new and existing buildings. Includes space planning in basic floor plans, space planning involved in furniture arrangement, elevation drawings, and an introduction to other types of drawings such as interior and exterior sections drawings.

ID 120: Graphics for Interior Design I 

Introduction to visual presentation strategies for interior designers. Coursework will include perspective sketching techniques, presentation materials and composition of presentations. Students will learn the technical skill sets of AutoCAD drafting software.

Prerequisite: ID 110.

ID 201: Sewing for Interior Design 

An introduction to the sewing machine, sewing notions and equipment, fabrics and professional sewing techniques for interior design. Experiences include samples of various techniques used in designer bedding, table linens, window treatments and other designer details for any given setting.

ID 210: Residential Interior Design 

A project-based course which addresses specific design considerations of every room in residential construction. Approached from a paying customer's viewpoint as he works with the student designer on a whole-house design concept.

Prerequisites: ID 108, ID 110.

ID 240: Graphics for Interior Design II 

An overview of 2D and 3D drawing and presentation software. Students will build on their AutoCAD skills and learn to create models using Revit Architecture rendering tools.

Prerequisite: ID 120.

ID 290: History of Interior Design 

This course covers the development of architectural styles and the accompanying furniture and furnishings throughout the world from the earliest civilizations to the present time.

ID 302: Interior Design Workbench 

An elective project-based course designed to teach some basic hands-on skills for the interior designer. In addition to presentation boards of designer window and/or bed treatments, other projects may include: designing and folding swags and jabots, upholstery projects (chair seats, headboards, ottomans), wiring lamps, designing and constructing one-of-a-kind lamp shades, trash-to-treasure projects, refinishing furniture and ceramic tile projects.

Prerequisite: ID 201.

ID 320: Commercial Interior Design I 

A study of the many design issues related to planning commercial interior facilities, including offices, retail facilities and institutional facilities. Design projects will be assigned.

Prerequisites: ID 108, ID 240, ID 120.

ID 330: Commercial Interior Design II 

A continuing study of the many design issues related to planning commercial interior facilities, including hospitality and health care facilities. Design projects will be assigned.

Prerequisites: ID 108, ID 240, ID 120.

ID 360: Building Systems & Codes 

Designed to help the interior designer understand all of the issues inherent in the building of an energy-efficient, accessible, comfortable and safe building inside which human beings reside, play and work. It covers the broad categories of the building's environment, its structural systems, water supply, distribution and waste systems, thermal comfort, electrical and lighting systems, fire safety and acoustics.

Prerequisite: ID 110.

ID 370: Materials & Components of Interior Design 

Exploration of the vast selection and specifications of construction and finish materials, as well as textiles for interior design. A house plan project with complete schedules of selected materials and components will be assigned.

Prerequisite: ID 110.

ID 400: Interior Design Professional Practice 

Designed to prepare interior design majors to become working interior designers. Deals with the business, legal and personal aspects of the interior design business. Also includes the design and creation of business cards and resumes, as well as a portfolio review.

ID 410: Interior Lighting for the Interior Designer 

Addresses quality lighting and lighting techniques and fixtures from an interior design perspective. The focus is on providing functional and aesthetically pleasing environments for clients while working through the design process.

Prerequisites: ID 240, ID 120.

ID 420: Interior Design Internship 

Open only upon recommendation of the department chairman. Place of internship will determine specific design experiences in which students will participate.

ID 430: Sustainable Design 

A study of environmentally conscious design. Topics include the impact of systems and interior building materials on the health, safety and well-being of current and future generations of users.

Prerequisites: ID 360, ID 240.

ID 440: Interior Design Independent Study 

An elective faculty-supervised project class for the advanced student. Offered on an as-needed basis with the approval of the Interior Design faculty.

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